3 weeks tour in Madagascar

What are the main factors that make it impossible to realize the craziest tours in the most remote corners of Madagascar? In general, it is the time factor. That’s why Madagascar Tours Guide has elaborated, in addition to the cheap Madagascar tour offers, the 3 weeks Madagascar tour. This option offers more time to travel around the Big Island through existing tours such as the North of Madagascar tour or the Deep South tour. Here is the list of circuits to realize during the stay in Madagascar in 3 weeks:

  • Discovery tour of the Malagasy highlands,
  • Tsiribihina river tour,
  • Cruise in a vezo canoe ,
  • Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings tour,
  • Pangalanes Canal Tours,
  • East Coast Tour
3 weeks tour in Madagascar

3 weeks tour to discover the Malagasy highlands

In general, the circuits towards the south, the southeast and the southwest begin with the discovery of the Malagasy highlands. From the capital, the typical landscape of the highlands takes shape with a succession of mountains and cultivated valleys, red earth and thatched houses… almost along the National Road 1, 43 towards Analavory and Ampefy and the National Road 7 towards the south of the island.

Among the places not to be missed on the National Road 1 are the Lemur’s Park, Ampefy and the Itasy lake, the Lily waterfall, the Islet of the Virgin and the Geyser of Amparaky. From Ampefy, the journey resumes on the National Road 7 to go to Antsirabe, the city of water, the city of the sprouts… The visit of the hotel of the thermal baths is essential followed by a small relaxation in the thermal center. In the afternoon, a visit on the lake Tritriva, the one of Andraikiba and the mount Ibity is necessary.

The adventure continues on the National Road 7 towards Ambositra, the capital of Savika and the Zafimaniry village of Antoetra at about 40 km from Ambositra. After having discovered the know-how of Zafimaniry in architecture and wood carving, we will go to Fianarantsoa, the capital of the Betsileo country, known for its old town, the statue of the Virgin… Leaving Fianarantsoa, we will go to the famous valley of Tsaranoro, known for the Chameleon peak. The landscape alternates mountainous landscape, luxuriant vegetation, forest and natural swimming pool.

Continuing on the National Road 7, the Isalo National Park, the pearl of tourism in southern Madagascar leaves no one indifferent thanks to its landscape of canyon like that of Namaza, the series of waterfalls, natural pools of exceptional colors. Isalo is also home to a unique ecosystem composed of rich fauna and flora including makis. Discovery tour of the Malagasy highlands ends in Ranohira and Toliara.

discover the beauty of the typical highland landscape in 3 weeks
The discovery of the Malagasy highlands in 3 weeks
Tsiribihina river tour in 3 weeks
Discover the Baobab avenue in 3 weeks

The Tsiribihina river tour during a 3 weeks tour

To live a unique experience during the Tsiribihina river tour is a possible option during a 3 weeks Madagascar tour. What are the highlights of this tour? After a short walk in the capital right after the installation in the hotel, go to Antsirabe, the city of sprouts. The market of Asabotsy as well as its two famous lakes Andraikiba and Tritriva are inescapable… By leaving the city of water, Miandrivazo is a stage city before joining the pier of Masiakampy, the starting point of the Tsiribihina river tour in traditional dugout. From now on, an exceptional landscape dominated by impressive cliffs, luxuriant vegetation and very rich fauna (lemurs, chameleons, bats) constitute a unique scenery during the adventure… This Tsiribihina river tour in traditional dugout even during a 15 days tour in Madagascar reveals new cultures, new ways of life, new encounters with the particularly welcoming local populations.


During a small stopover at the waterfall of Anosiampela, the villagers reserve an exceptional welcome to the travelers and these last ones will be able to benefit from a bathing, to bivouac in an atmosphere of camp fire of camp animated by the boatmen. At the approach of the end of the Tsiribihina river tour, the travelers move on board of a zebu cart before meeting the sacred baobab and the baobabs in love (two baobabs interlaced). Once in Morondava, it is impossible not to go to the baobab avenue at sunset. Considering the length of the journey as well as the level of difficulty encountered along the route, this tour is suitable for travelers wishing to visit Madagascar in 3 weeks.

Cruise in a Vezo canoe during a 3 weeks tour in Madagascar

During a 3 weeks tour in Madagascar, the cruise in a Vezo canoe (ethnic fishermen of the southwest part of the island) from Ifaty to Morombe is an interesting option. This sea and lagoon trip aboard a Vezo dugout allows you not only to contemplate the wonderful landscape of the place but also to discover the village, the way of life and the culture of the local population (Vezo) along the 3 weeks Madagascar itinerary.


Take advantage of the beauty and richness of the sea bed and the lagoon of Ifaty, located at about twenty kilometers from Toliara. After Ifaty, Madiorano is a stopover village where travelers get supplies before continuing the cruise. Like Ifaty, Madiorano also has a beautiful lagoon bordered by fine sandy beaches. Following the itinerary towards Ankasy and its idyllic setting, the group finally arrives at Tsiandamba, known for its famous white stone walls and its market. It is here that the travelers spend the night before reaching Salary, nestled on its long and beautiful white sand coasts, its blue lagoons favorable to the practice of scuba diving and the stroll in dugout.


A little further north, the white dune of Andravony is a passageway to the forest of the Mikea, a gathering and hunting people from the south of Madagascar similar to the Pygmies of Africa by their physiognomy and their way of life.

Approaching Morombe, the cruise heads towards the fishing village of Ambatomilo, located in a paradisiacal setting in front of the 3rd largest lagoon in the world with turquoise and emerald colors. After Ambatomilo, head for the Bays of Assassins around Andavadoaka to taste the local specialty of fresh seafood. Take advantage of this passage to stroll in the mangrove or live a moment of fishing with the local fishermen. In the evening, it is time to join the hotel before continuing towards Andavadoaka (pierced rock). Andavadoaka is particularly rich in terrestrial ecosystems thanks to its baobabs which reign majestically in the middle of a landscape of euphorbias and thorny bushes. It is an opportunity to practice fishing or to relax on its beautiful beaches.


At the end of the cruise in Vezo canoe during the 3 weeks tour in Madagascar, place to the tour of the islands around Morombe as Nosy Andramona, Timpoy, Nosy Lava … before heading to Andombiry, where Tsitakakantsa, the largest baobab of Madagascar with its 30 m circumference. Before joining the hotel, a visit to the forest of baobab in Bevoay (many crocodiles) will close the day.

The cruise in Vezo canoe in 3 weeks
Discover the turquoise blue sea of the vezo country in 3 weeks
A trip to Adamboy Dune included in the 3 weeks tour
Fort-Dauphin tour in 3 weeks
Visit the Peak Saint-Louis Fort-Dauphine in 3 weeks

Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings in 3 weeks

Fort-Dauphin will not fail to surprise its visitors through many historical and tourist places, beaches as well as other nautical activities that can be done during a three week stay in Madagascar. Among the places to visit in Madagascar in 3 weeks are the Islet of the Portuguese, a former arms warehouse built in the 16th century, the St Louis Peak which rises to 529 m and offers a magnificent view of the sea. Once in Fort-Dauphin, it is impossible not to make a small excursion to Lokaro, to take advantage of the beaches and the sea bed. A guide will then lead you to visit fishermen’s villages such as Ste Luce, a former landing place of the colonists as well as Evatraha, a sumptuous fishermen’s village in the middle of a landscape of creeks where a lake meets the sea.


From Evatraha, the journey continues to the unavoidable Nahampona Reserve, a tropical park that is home to lemurs including some nocturnal species, reptiles and turtles. Nahampona is an ideal place for an adventure in the middle of luxuriant vegetation. Continuing a little further south, the route leads to the white sand beach of Libanona. Surfers meet here when the winds are favorable. Towards the end of the afternoon, get out the cameras to take the most beautiful picture during the sunset on this beach.


To finish this Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings tour, the visit of the lake Vinanibe allows one to appreciate its particularly limpid waters and surrounded by pearly sands.

3 weeks tour in Madagascar on the Pangalanes Canal

By choosing the 3 weeks tour in Madagascar, travelers will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the biodiversity of the Malagasy east coast from Mananjary to Nosy Varika.


This journey begins in Mananjary, the capital of the Sambatra, a traditional ceremony that consists in organizing a common circumcision to mark the passage from childhood to middle age. Mananjary is also known for its export crops such as spices, coffee, vanilla… A large plantation field in the city on the road to Ambohitsara is proof of this.


The village of Ambohitsara has kept a vestige of its history thanks to the stone statue of an elephant. Although it is for some a simple stone statue, others have attributed a sacred character to it.

Continuing north, the district of Nosy Varika (lemur island), is accessible only by boat, the tracks remain impassable. Go to the largest waterfall of Madagascar at Sakeleona, a site accessible only with an all-terrain vehicle. The waterfall is also accessible from Ampasinambo after a day’s walk.


The adventure continues towards Masomeloka, a small village built in wood located in the middle of luxuriant vegetation composed of pandanus, bamboos, raphia palms… This adventure will end in Mahanoro, a rural commune implanted on a tongue of land between the Indian Ocean and the Pangalanes Canal. Take this opportunity to know the way of life of the Antaimoro and the Betsimisaraka, the majority ethnic groups in this region. On the last day of this 3 weeks tour in Madagascar in the Pangalanes channel, enjoy the beauty of the landscape of the waterfalls of Ambetoafo, Tsiadana or Maibola.

Pangalanes Canal tour in 3 weeks

3 weeks tour in the East Coast tour

As the tourist assets of the East Coast are scattered over a very large area, their discoveries can be made through the 3 weeks tour in Madagascar.


After the visit of the main attractions of the capital, the next stop will be in the private park Pereyras, a site which shelters endemic fauna: lemurs and chameleons. After the private park Pereyra, the next stop will be the National Park of Andasibe Mantadia. It will be an opportunity to observe the Indri-indri, the largest species of lemur which attaches great importance to the notion of family. Andasibe is also home to another endemic animal species, the giraffe beetle (an insect with a long neck) as well as the brookesia, a tiny chameleon. From Andasibe, follow the trail to Manambato to take a boat to Akanin’ny Nofy.


In the palmarium reserve, some species of lemurs like the macaco, the sifaka or the indri are very familiar. Akanin’ny Nofy is also the home of endemic plants such as orchids, carnivorous plants or the pachypodium… After a rich discovery on Akanin’ny Nofy, direction to Tamatave, a small stopover before reaching Mahambo, the departure point for Sainte-Marie. In order to take advantage of the beauty of this paradise island of the east coast, plan to stay there for a few days, for example during an accompanied Madagascar tour in small group. Among the popular activities in this island are the sea trip, the tour of the island by pirogue, the tour of the island of the mats, the scooter or 4L ride and especially the whale safari between June and September during the passage of the whales to the warm waters.