All-inclusive Madagascar tours

Except for an experienced traveler on Madagascar tour trails who wants to explore on his or her own or do a small group tour in Madagascar, most visitors opt for the all-inclusive Madagascar tours. This formula allows travelers to focus on activities and discoveries during their stay in Madagascar all inclusive. To better discover the dream island, Madagascar Tours Guide provides travelers with about fifteen all-inclusive tours. For the all-inclusive formula, the traveler does not have to worry about details related to his stay, everything is taken care of by Madagascar Tours Guide, namely, the reception at the airport, the accommodation upon arrival and throughout the tour, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, transportation, entrance to parks and natural reserves…

Madagascar all-inclusive tour in the East Coast

Apart from the capital, this all-inclusive Madagascar tour in the east coast crosses the green landscape of the east passing by the national park of Andasibe, the Akanin’ny Nofy on the side of the Pangalanes Canal and the paradisiacal island of Sainte-Marie.

This eastern part of Madagascar is particularly rich in fauna and flora, lush vegetation and idyllic beaches. As an all-inclusive offer, the breakfast is mainly composed of strong coffee very typical of eastern Madagascar and “mofo gasy” or “ramanonaka”, Malagasy specialties prepared with rice flour, sugar and cooked on a wood fire in molds. The same goes for another variety called “mokary” which, in general, is more delicious than the mofo gasy thanks to the coconut milk added to the preparation. Lunch will consist mainly of rice and fresh seafood or freshly caught freshwater fish from the Pangalanes Canal. Dinner will usually consist of a variety of soups prepared by the cooks at the lodge where the traveler will spend the night. Other details such as fuel, vehicle, fuel, entry to the places to be visited… will be taken care of by the tour guide.

The Makay Massif in the all-inclusive Madagascar tours offer

The all-inclusive offer is also available for an adventure in the Makay massif. From the capital, passing through Antsirabe, Ranomafana, Ambalavao and Fianarantsoa whose breathtaking landscape of the central highlands, the passage in the valley of Tsaranoro, the peak of chameleon … indicates the connection with the region of Ihorombe including the national park of Isalo before joining Ranohira and return to Ambositra.

The traveler and his guide will be lodged at the inhabitants, will spend the night there. At breakfast, the locals share what they have for lunch, for example “vary sosoa sy kitoza” that is to say very liquid boiled rice served hot with some bits of dried and fried or grilled meat. This is a very common lunch almost everywhere in Madagascar. For lunch, the locals will serve very popular traditional dishes with mainly a large amount of rice to be taken with beef simmered over low heat for hours or simply vegetables or brèdes with water, tomatoes and salt. As an all-inclusive offer, the traveler doesn’t have to worry about anything because Mada Tours Guide agency has already planned and taken care of all the details throughout the tour through the tour guide.

Madagascar tour all-inclusive in the deep south

After a transfer by plane by the domestic flight from the capital, the all-inclusive Madagascar tour in the deep south starts in Toliara, in the city of the sun. After a visit of the city and its tourist potential, go to Anakao, in its paradisiacal beaches and its turquoise blue sea. Itampolo, Lavanono and Berenty are part of the interesting passages of the deep south tour before a visit to the reserve of Nahampoina and the stroll in the bay of Lokaro and to finish a stay in Fort-Dauphin.


The Madagascar all-inclusive tour in the south will be an opportunity for the traveler to taste the gastronomic specialty of the Malagasy south. At breakfast, the traveler has the choice between the pizza in the wood fire or the homemade pastry or the hot cocoa and the homemade croissant that the big restaurants propose. At lunch, the larger restaurants usually serve local specialties, usually consisting of seafood such as freshly caught squid or lobster. For dinner, travelers can choose from a variety of light and succinct meals offered in the market and bars such as fish or meat kebabs, soups prepared by small street-side eateries or light menus prepared in local restaurants. Travel, snacks, dinners, drinks and other necessities during the tour will be taken care of by the travel agency through the tour guide.

Circuit Madagascar all-included in the baobabs coast

It is possible to visit Madagascar in 10 days by opting for the baobab forest tour. One of the highlights of this tour is the descent on the Tsiribihina river in a traditional dugout, the visit of the Tsingy de Bemaraha national park and the passage to Morondava with its avenue of the baobab. This all-inclusive trip to Madagascar then continues to Belo sur mer, Andavadoaka, Salary and its beautiful beaches before reaching Toliara further south.

The all-inclusive offer in the baobab coast includes accommodation, travel, breakfast, lunch and dinner during the tour. For the passage on the Tsiribihina, travelers will spend the night in tents with a meal in the bivouac in an atmosphere of campfire animated by the pirogue. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared with local products including rice, sautéed meat, fish or chicken sometimes prepared with milk. The travel to the places to be visited, the drinks as well as the entrance tickets in the parks or natural reserves are entirely taken care of by Madagascar Tours Guide.

Madagascar all-inclusive tour in the north

National parks, such as Ankarafantsika and Ankarana, picturesque sites as well as beautiful beaches are at the rendezvous for the Madagascar all-inclusive tour in the north. This circuit includes the visit of the Tsingy rary of Ankarana National Park, the bay of Ramena, the Emerald Sea, the red tsingy and the national park of the Amber Mountain, very rich in fauna and flora endemic to Madagascar. The visit of the island of Nosy-Be and its paradisiacal islets is like the cherry on the cake.

All-inclusive Madagascar tour in the vanilla coast

The north is an ideal option for an all-inclusive Madagascar vacation. Starting with the visit of the 3 Bays of Diego Suarez, the passage on Nosy Lonjo, the walk on the Emerald Sea, the visit of the national park of the Amber Mountain and Joffreville and the exceptional landscape of the Red Tsingy.

While in Diego Suarez, the all-inclusive offer in the vanilla coast takes care of breakfast based on French bread, pastries or refined pastries or a full breakfast with: coffee or fruit juice, croissant, toast, butter, jam … Lunch will be mainly composed of rice, seafood, chicken or beef or sheep … Chicken or fish with coconut are among the dishes very popular in this part of the island. In the evening, during a walk in the city, the traveler will be able to have supper in the small and very nice restaurants of the street which propose Italian specialities accompanied by brochettes or vegetables. The all-inclusive offer of Madagascar Tour Guide includes accommodation in a 3 star hotel in Diego Suarez, all the travel associated with the vanilla coast tour, the rights to visit paying places, drinks, insurance…

All-inclusive Madagascar tours : The Tsiribihina river tour

For the lovers of a real adventure in the dream island, the descent on the Tsiribihina is to be included in the program of circuit 3 weeks in Madagascar. The Tsiribihina river tour starts at the jetty of Masiakampy to cross a succession of cliffs landscape, luxuriant vegetation and waterfalls, in particular that of Anosiampela. While in Morondava, two visits are unavoidable: the big sacred baobab, the baobabs in love and the famous baobab avenue.


Accommodation in tents and meals in bivouacs animated by pirogue men make the descent on the Tsiribihina an exceptional adventure. As an all-inclusive offer, breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of rice and freshwater fish as well as local products will be taken care of by Madagascar Tours Giude. It is the same for dinner, snacks, drinks, insurance and the right to visit the places with paid access. The travel from one place to another, the rate and the reservation of the accommodation whatever the type will be also in the whole responsibility of the travel agency.

Madagascar all-inclusive tour: The Manambolo river tour

The Madagascar all-inclusive tour on the Manambolo river makes discover a unique landscape dominated by cliffs, waterfalls, natural pools and some small geysers before arriving at the Tsingy de Bemaraha national park and the one of Kirindy Mitea and its exceptional fauna. Before reaching the capital at the end of this circuit, the visit of sakalava tombs, the forest of Manamby, Analabe and Andranomena as well as the baobab alley at sunset is essential.


For the Manambolo river tour, the services available for the all-inclusive offer are:

Accommodation in a hotel near Manambolo, breakfast and lunch based on rice accompanied by fresh fish and vegetables, all travel during the circuit, snacks, dinner, drinks during the journey, entrance fees to the paying sites. As an all-inclusive offer, the traveler does not worry about any details of his stay and will be able to concentrate on the tour.

Madagascar all-inclusive tour to Fort-Dauphin

For this Madagascar all-inclusive tour in Fort-Dauphin, apart from the visit of the city, the visit of the Portuguese islet, the St Louis peak remains unavoidable. Plan some excursions to the most beautiful places like the bay of Lokaro, Ste Luce and Evatraha, very popular thanks to their beaches, crystal clear waters and the possibility to practice underwater activities. Besides the beach activities, travelers can go to the Nahampona reserve, known for its nocturnal lemurs, birds and reptiles that live in the heart of a lush nature.

For the all-inclusive offer on Fort-Dauphin, the traveler will be entitled to accommodation in one of the prestigious lodges in Fort-Dauphin. The breakfast will be composed of pastries, coffee, hot chocolate, croissant … The lunch will be rich in products.

Madagascar tour all included to see the wonders of the Big Island.

Considering the number of places and sites crossed by this circuit, it is however feasible with the formula  Madagascar in 15 days. All the formulas of stays in Madagascar all included allow to see the wonders of the Big Island was elaborated to see only the most popular tourist sites in the four corners of Madagascar. Among them, it is necessary to quote for example the descent on the Tsiribihina in the west, the national park of Isalo in the southwest, the Deep South Tour, the Pangalanes canal for the southeast and Sainte-Marie for the east.

The all-inclusive offer for this circuit includes various services including accommodation in a 3 star hotel in a visited site where you will spend the night after a stage of the circuit. The dinner is generally composed of light and succinct dishes of salad garnished with fish fillets and fried potatoes, brochettes and drinks of your choice. Breakfast varies according to the restaurant, the traveler will often opt for fresh fruit mixtures, or hot coffee and coconut mokary for breakfast in the east and north of Madagascar. Lunch will be composed of rice with beef or ravitoto sy henankisoa (manioc leaf crushed and cooked with pork meat), two specialties very popular in the highlands. For a tour stop in the coastal areas, lunch will be rich in seafood including lobster dishes, fresh water crabs or freshly caught fish. Travel, vehicle, fuel, insurance, beverages, snacks or soups are all included in the all-inclusive package. The traveler will be able to discover fully and safely the wonders of the Big Island.

Madagascar all-inclusive tours from west to east

This circuit begins with the Tsiribihina river tour, a 137 km long river on board of a traditional dugout until Bemaraha where it is necessary to join the national park of the tsingy. The journey then includes a passage to the unavoidable city of baobabs in Morondava before passing through Ambositra and the capital. Continuing eastward, the visit of the island of Sainte-Marie and the island of Mats will certainly mark this circuit.

For the all-inclusive offer, the breakfast, whether in the hotel, lodge or restaurant is included. This time, before leaving Tsiribihina, the breakfast, composed mainly of fresh fish caught from the Tsiribihina River and other local products … will be prepared by the piroguers after an evening in bivouac under a campfire atmosphere. The lunch planned in the medium-sized hotels in Miandrivazo will be composed of rice with chicken or freshwater fish of Tsiribihina. Approaching the east of Madagascar, dinner will be prepared by the hotel or taken in the small friendly gargotes of the city of the visited site. It can be a Tamatave soup, a very popular dish in Tamatave or salads with meat or fish brochettes. Are included in this offer the traveler’s trip during the tour, the entrance tickets in the parks, the insurance, the drinks, the snacks…

Madagascar all-inclusive tour in the Pangalanes Canal

This tour on the Pangalanes Canal starts in Mananjary, the city of the famous traditional Sambatra ceremony, to reach Mahanoro further north. The famous white elephant carved in stone of Ambohitsara is among the sites to visit along the motorboat cruise. The trip includes a passage to Nosy Varika (the lemur island) before arriving at the village of Masomeloka. After passing through lush vegetation and beautiful scenery on both sides of the Pangalanes Canal, the cruise stops in the town of Mahanoro.

Madagascar all-inclusive tour to Nosy Be

Leaving the capital, head for the Port of Ankify in Ambanja for the crossing to the island of Nosy Be. After a tour of the city, the Madagascar all-inclusive tour in Nosy Be consists essentially in visiting the surrounding islets like Nosy Salatia, Nosy Iranja, Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely. In addition to that, you can visit the Lokobe reserve which shelters a fauna and flora endemic to Madagascar such as lemurs, chameleons… medicinal plants and perfume plants.

For the all-inclusive tour in Nosy Be, the available offers include three meals in a prestigious 3-star hotel. Breakfast will be served with a generous plate of smoked fish, stuffed crab or coconut, beef with green pepper sauce, pizza or home made burger. Lunch will be rich in seafood including lobster in particular, foie gras and sunflowers, homemade chips, grilled jackfruit with crispy vegetables. Breakfast will be composed of western dishes including coffee, French bread, croissant, butter, jam or a dish of a variety of fresh fruits… Insurance, entrance fees to paying sites, drinks, snacks… are also included in this offer.

All-inclusive Madagascar tour to discover the Malagasy highlands

The highlands of Madagascar form an exceptional landscape from the capital to Ampefy, along the National Road 1 and along the National Road 7 to Ranohira. The central highlands are characterized by a succession of hills, valleys and plains, mostly rice-growing. The habitats are generally installed on the hillside and are built with beaten earth painted with laterites. The highlands also have interesting tourist sites like Ampefy and Antsirabe, Ambositra, Tsaranoro and Isalo.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included for the all-inclusive tour to discover the central highlands. The traveler will have breakfast in a 3-star hotel which proposes a traditional plate like “vary amin’anana sy kitoza”, the boiled rice with finely chopped breeds and served very liquid and hot with a sausage or fried zebu fillets. Bread or croissant with hot milk or coffee is another breakfast alternative. For lunch, the traveler will taste the romazava, a broth based on meat and brèdes, the famous hen’omby ritra (beef simmered for hours), the ravitoto sy henankisoa (crushed cassava leaves and cooked with pork); all will be served with rice. This dish is typical of the central highlands of Madagascar. At dinner, a dinner in a restaurant with Italian pasta specialties becomes a habit in many households. Transportation from one place to another, from or to the hotel or to the sites of visit, insurance, drinks, snacks… will be part of the all-inclusive service.