Car rental in Madagascar

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Car rental in Madagascar

Some examples of vehicles available for car rental in Madagascar at Madagascar Tours Guide :

• Class C – Power: 16CV/130hp – Engine L4 – Energy: diesel – Color: white

Vehicle details :

» 7 seats
» Rugged 3.0-liter
» Manual transmission
» Air conditioning
» Reservoir 150 l
» Airbags

• Engine type: 4 cylinders in line – Energy: Diesel – 3 Liters – Power 10hp

Vehicle details :

» 15 seats
» Manual transmission
» Air conditioning
» Number of valves 2
» Torque 24.0 mkg

• Comfortable – color: grey – Energy: Diesel – Power: 100hp

Vehicle details :

» 4 doors
» 9 seats
» Manual transmission
» Air conditioning
»  15 km/l
»  120 g/km CO2

• Color: yellow – Energy: diesel – Engine type: 4 cylinder

Vehicle details :

» 5 doors
» 15 seats
» Manual transmission
» Air conditioning
» 14 km/l (approximate)
» 120 g/km CO2

Learn more about car rental in Madagascar

To cross the Big Island from one side to the other to discover its beauty in all its aspects, its cultures, its people and its generous nature, you have in front of you a wide choice of means of transport. Starting with the tour of Madagascar in a zebu cart like the family Sonia and Alexandre Poussin did, on foot like many local and foreign adventurers, by bike to follow the footsteps of the famous Zoto, by motorcycle, by light car or by 4×4, which is the ideal option for more comfort and safety. To better serve you, Madagascar Tours Guide tries to give you some essential details to know more about car rental in Madagascar.

Why opt for a car rental in Madagascar?

Cars remain the most practical and secure means of transportation to discover interesting tourist places in the capital as well as in remote localities. First of all, being in a car during a long trip gives a feeling of comfort and security. On the other hand, the car rental agencies in Madagascar provide users with well-maintained vehicles, in good standing with regard to the technical inspection and insurance.


Compared to other public transportation options such as bush cabs or trains, car rental in Madagascar gives travelers more freedom and choice in the use of the vehicle. In the case of driver-travelers, they can drive more slowly or stop whenever they want to admire the scenery, take a photo shoot, buy food or souvenirs… They are also free to drive at high speed to arrive earlier at a location. This option is recommended for travelers with experience on the roads and tracks of Madagascar.


Two options remain for a car rental in Madagascar: car rental with or without driver. In the case of car rental in Madagascar with a driver from the Madagascar Tours Guide travel agency, the latter is necessarily a driver-mechanic, at least bilingual, which facilitates the interaction with the travelers during a long trip. Moreover, he knows very well the state of the roads, the habits of the users of the national roads (presence of herds of cattle, a column of zebu carts, a sudden exit of wild animals in certain places…). The freedom of the travelers remains the same because the driver is at the entire disposal of the car rental companies except specific contract agreed in advance.

minibus rental with Madagascar Tours Guide
Minibus rental with Madagascar Tours Guide
Bilingual driver mechanic of Madagascar Tours Guide
Bilingual driver mechanic of Madagascar Tours Guide

What type of cars to rent in Madagascar?

The 4x4s that prepare for the condition of the Malagasy roads
The 4x4s that prepare for the condition of the Malagasy roads
4x4 Hyundhai used by Madagascar Tours Guide

In general, the type of cars to rent in Madagascar is divided into 4 categories:

  • light cars including vintage cars that are essential for covering an event,
  • off-road cars for adventurous travelers whose destination site is accessible only by 4×4. In this case, it is important to know the price range of 4×4 rental in Madagascar,
  • mini-bus to travel in Madagascar in small groups of people (family, friends, employees, vacationers, group of tourists …),
  • heavy trucks for the transport of goods, donations of materials, food … the case of foreigners who want to make donations in landlocked areas …

The choice is also influenced by the reputation of the vehicle brands, especially those that have already proved their robustness with regard to the state of the Malagasy roads.


As for 4×4 rental in Madagascar, the market is currently dominated by Korean brands such as Hyundai. This brand which is among the most robust and economical is also the one used by Madagascar Tours Guide whose models are Galloper, Terracan, H100, Starex 4×4… apart from other famous brands such as Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan… It is worth noting that Madagascar Tours Guide currently has about ten 4×4 in its car fleet

The choice of car to rent depends on several parameters:

  • the number of travelers,
  • the type and quality of road leading to the destination (paved road, track, mountain, passage on rafts, rivers…),
  • the power of the vehicle,
  • the fuel consumption of the vehicle,
  • the posted rate of the car rental agencies,
  • the reason of the trip (official ceremony, tourism, adventure…),

How to choose a car rental agency in Madagascar?

Apart from word of mouth, which generally allows to find the best car rental agency in Madagascar, travelers can also inquire from travel agencies specializing in tours in Madagascar.


Rental offers also abound on the web provided that you know how to distinguish the good ones from the scams. It is necessary to add different criteria and verifications to your research to not be mistaken. For example:

  • Does the agency have a website?
  • Check its physical existence, is it registered in the register of legal companies with identification numbers NIF, STAT, RCS (Register of Commerce). These should be verifiable on its website.
Customized car rental for tourists

You will find some car rental agencies in Antananarivo with driver such as Madagascar Tours Guide that offer tailor-made deals to tourists, individuals and companies. They have at their disposal light cars, 4×4, minibuses and heavy trucks… The rate is generally accessible to tourists and includes a car rental with driver.

What about car rental rates in Madagascar?

Rent a car 4x4 for the baobabs coast tour
Rent a car 4x4 for the baobabs coast tour
Passage of the 4x4 ferry of Madagascar Tours Guide
Passage of the 4x4 ferry of Madagascar Tours Guide
4x4 rental during the tour to discover the central highlands of Madagascar
4x4 rental during the tour to discover the central highlands of Madagascar

The price of car rental in Madagascar varies according to different factors:


  • The type of car to rent,
  • The duration of the rental,
  • The use you intend to make of it,
  • The price displayed by each agency.


The rate also differs depending on whether you rent a car for your trips in the city or for a trip to remote areas, on the east coast for example. In any case, information on the price of car rental in Antananarivo or in other regions should be available on the website of each agency. Otherwise, travelers can inquire directly at their headquarters or by phone.

Overview of average car rental rates in Madagascar

Type of vehicleAverage rate for rental with driverCircuits
Economy carAround 58 $Variable according to the circuit
Light sedan type carAround 70 $Variable according to the circuit
Space type carAround 80 $Variable according to the circuit
4x4 carAround 100 $Variable according to the circuit
SUV 4x4From 78 $/dayVariable according to the circuit
Pick-UpFrom 110 $/dayVariable according to the circuit
Mini-busFrom 130 $Variable according to the circuit
Mini-busApproximately 220 $Circuit Antananarivo – Antsirabe
Mini-bus 10 seatsApproximately 800 $Circuit Antananarivo – Mahajanga
Mini-bus 10 seatsApproximately 1800 $Circuit Antananarivo –Fort-Dauphin

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Rental in Madagascar

Madagascar Tours Guide, attentive to its clients, has compiled the most commonly asked questions by those looking to explore Madagascar by car. These FAQs, focused on car rental with a driver-guide in Madagascar, reflect our commitment to offering memorable and worry-free journeys on this fascinating island.

Car rental rates in Madagascar vary significantly based on factors like vehicle type, season, and rental duration. On average, prices start from 50 euros per day for a standard car. For more luxurious options or special services such as car rental with a driver-guide in Madagascar, prices can be significantly higher.

For an economical and quality experience in Madagascar, Madagascar Tours Guide stands out. This agency offers a wide range of vehicles for all budgets without compromising on quality or comfort. Exploring their catalog, you’ll find affordable options that meet your specific needs, whether it’s for a short business trip or an extended island exploration. Their expertise and deep knowledge of the country ensure competitive offers that align with travelers’ expectations of maximizing their experience while managing their budget.

Choosing to rent a car with a driver-guide in Madagascar transforms the travel experience. At agencies like Madagascar Tours Guide, this service encompasses more than just providing a vehicle. Upon arrival, an experienced driver familiar with Malagasy roads and culture welcomes you. This option offers total peace of mind with navigation, traffic management, and local peculiarities handled by your guide. Additionally, it enriches your journey with local insights and practical advice, making each trip informative and enjoyable.

It’s challenging to name a “best” site as it depends on individual needs. However, Madagascar Tours Guide is often mentioned for its wide range of services including car rental and driver-guide in Madagascar. Madagascar Tours Guide’s website offers easy navigation and detailed information on available options.

Madagascar Tours Guide is frequently recognized for its reliability in car rental in Madagascar. Their customer service quality, diverse vehicle fleet, and reputation for reliability contribute to their fame.

Here are 5 reasons to choose a car rental agency like Madagascar Tours Guide instead of organizing your trip yourself:

  • Safety and insurance: Agencies provide well-maintained and insured vehicles.
  • Local knowledge: A driver-guide can enhance the travel experience with deep local knowledge.
  • Time-saving: Avoids the complexity of planning and organizing transport.
  • Comfort and flexibility: Allows personalizing the itinerary according to personal preferences.
  • Support: In case of breakdown or problems, agencies usually provide quick assistance.

Renting a car in Antananarivo, Madagascar offers flexibility and independence, allowing travelers to explore at their own pace. It avoids reliance on often irregular public transport schedules. A rental car also provides the opportunity to visit off-the-beaten-path sites, appreciate diverse landscapes, and immerse in local culture. Additionally, for small groups or families, it can be a more economical and convenient option than other transportation means.

Generally, the driver must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driving license for at least one year to drive a Minibus rental in Madagascar or any other vehicle type. Some agencies may have additional age restrictions or require extra fees for younger or older drivers. Please inquire with the rental agency for their specific policies.

Madagascar Tours Guide, like many vehicle rental agencies, offers various options from 4×4 rentals in Madagascar to minibus rentals. The process generally starts with an online or phone reservation at +261341128369, where the customer selects the vehicle type and rental duration.

Upon arrival, the necessary documents are checked, and details of the rental like insurance and mileage are finalized. Agencies often offer additional services like 4×4 rental rates in Madagascar with insurance options, extra equipment like GPS, and advice on routes.

Car rental in Madagascar is available throughout the year. However, it’s recommended to book in advance, especially during the peak tourist season (July to September), to ensure the availability of the desired vehicle. Agencies like Madagascar Tours Guide offer online reservations, facilitating pre-trip planning.

For 4×4 rentals in Madagascar with a driver, conditions typically include a daily rate covering the cost of the vehicle, the driver-guide, and sometimes fuel. Driver-guides are experienced professionals familiar with local roads and culture. Agencies may also stipulate conditions like mileage limits or specific geographic zones for the rental.

To arrange a car rental with a driver-guide in Madagascar, the required documents slightly differ from those for a standard rental. Rather than focusing on the renter’s driving license, emphasis is on identifying and securing the transaction. Typically, you’ll need to provide a valid ID like a passport and potentially a proof of residence.

Rental agencies like Madagascar Tours Guide may also ask for a hotel reservation confirmation or a travel itinerary to better understand your transport needs. A credit card is often required for the deposit even though the driver will be responsible for driving. These requirements aim to facilitate a smooth and secure experience, ensuring your travel needs are well understood and efficiently managed by the agency.