Customized tour in Madagascar with Madagascar Tours Guide

Madagascar Tours Guide is an agency specialized in the creation of customized tour in Madagascar. Founded in 2010, the agency’s mission is to offer tours adapted to the desires and needs of each traveler.

Why choose a tailor-made tour in Madagascar with Madagascar Tours Guide? This option gives travelers the opportunity to customize their itinerary according to their interests, their budget and their schedule. Moreover, tailor-made tours offer a unique and authentic experience by allowing to meet the local population and to discover the most unusual places of Madagascar.

Summary :

    1. Introduction
      • Presentation of Madagascar Tours Guide
      • Why choose a customized tour in Madagascar
    2. The advantages of a tailor-made tour in Madagascar
      • Flexibility and customization
      • Unique and authentic experience
      • Meeting with the local population
      • Discovery of the natural wealth
    3. How to create a customized tour with Madagascar Tours Guide
      • The steps to create a tour
      • The main destinations to include in a tailor-made tour in Madagascar
      • Activities not to be missed during a tailor-made tour in Madagascar
    4. Testimonies of satisfied customers
      • Feedbacks from clients who have made a tailor-made tour with Madagascar Tours Guide
    5. Conclusion

The advantages of a customized tour in Madagascar

The tailor-made tours offered by Madagascar Tours Guide have many advantages for travelers. Here are some of them:

  • Flexibility and customization: By choosing a tailor-made tour in Madagascar, travelers have the possibility to customize their itinerary according to their preferences and constraints. They can decide which destinations to visit, how long to stay in each place, what activities to do, etc. This flexibility allows us to create a customized trip that perfectly matches each traveler’s expectations.
  • Unique and authentic experience: Tailor-made tours in Madagascar give travelers the chance to discover unique and authentic places, far from the classic tourist circuits. They have the opportunity to meet the local population and appreciate the culture and traditions of Madagascar.
  • Meeting with the local population: customized tour in Madagascar allow travelers to immerse themselves in the daily life of the Malagasy people. They can share privileged moments with the local population, taste culinary specialties, participate in local events, etc.
  • Discovery of natural wealth: Madagascar is known for its exceptional biodiversity and its breathtaking landscapes. The customized tours offered by Madagascar Tours Guide provide the opportunity to admire national parks, natural reserves, white sand beaches, giant baobabs, etc. Travelers can thus marvel at the natural wealth of Madagascar.

How to create a customized tour with Madagascar Tours Guide

Here are the steps to create a customized tour with the travel agency Madagascar Tours Guide:

  1. Exchange with a travel consultant by email or by phone: Madagascar Tours Guide provides each traveler with a travel consultant who helps him/her to define his/her expectations and needs. During this exchange, the travel consultant proposes personalized itineraries that meet the traveler’s expectations.
  2. Itinerary customization: Once the traveler’s expectations have been defined, the travel consultant creates a customized itinerary based on the traveler’s interests, budget and length of stay. The traveler has the opportunity to customize this itinerary to perfectly match their expectations.
  3. Tour Confirmation: Once the customized itinerary is validated, Madagascar Tours Guide confirms the reservation and ensures the logistics of the tour (reservation of accommodations, transportation, etc.).

The main destinations to be included in a customized tour in Madagascar are numerous. Travelers can discover national parks (Andasibe-Mantadia, Isalo, Ranomafana, etc.), nature reserves (Ankarafantsika, Kirindy, etc.), white sand beaches (Nosy Be, Sainte Marie, etc.), giant baobabs (baobab avenue, Morondava baobab forest, etc.), traditional villages (Antsirabe, Ambositra, etc.), etc.

The activities not to be missed during a tailor-made tour in Madagascar are also numerous: go to meet lemurs, observe humpback whales, swim in natural pools, go hiking, taste the Malagasy cuisine, etc.

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Madagascar Tours Guide has been able to satisfy many travelers by offering quality tailor-made tours. Here are some feedbacks from random customers who have made a custom tour with the agency:

  • Bewitching! Several tailor-made tours made with Madagascar Tours Guide, between 2010 and 2017, leaving us with amazing memories. The perfect organization, the discoveries off the beaten track sometimes of this magnificent land and its inhabitants of such a kindness, despite the poverty of this country that leaves us speechless. Our wish to return remains and this wish will come true in 2023 if the context allows it. Our guide Nirina will remain THE guide and organizer in the future. We know that the trust is total! – Christinedubbert On tripAdvisor.
  • We contacted Madagascar Tours Guide to set up a 5-week customized tour in Madagascar for three couples of friends. Nirina was very reactive and knew how to propose us a varied program, coherent with our wishes of hikers and with an attractive price.We left from September 12 to October 16, 2019 and we are delighted with our stay: excellent drivers in spite of often broken roads, good hotels, complete breakfasts. A special mention for our guide Manou, whom we particularly recommend for his competence, his reactivity to unforeseen events, his kindness and his humor, his great knowledge of the country and his precious advice ( for example always keep with you “your little bag” with your passport and your cash).We hiked in beautiful landscapes, photographed many animals and met inhabitants who are often poor but smiling, endearing and welcoming.We came back delighted with our stay and we highly recommend Nirina’s team. – Nelly-lassalle on
  • We found Nirina’s contact details on various websites with always excellent reviews, which we were able to verify this month of July 2015 for a 3 weeks tailor made stay. In a word, we had a great time in Madagascar with Nirina and her team: lovely and competent people who knew how to manage the strikes of air Madagascar and the various… – on
  • I was looking for a hiking adventure and I found it with Madagascar Tours Guide! I booked a 10-day tailor-made tour and I was very impressed by the quality of the organization and the professionalism of the company. I loved the different activities that the tour had to offer and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a memorable vacation experience. – Gaël Rakotovao on Google review



In short, a customized tour in Madagascar with Madagascar Tours Guide has many advantages, such as flexibility, personalization, discovery of natural treasures and meeting the local population. The testimonies of satisfied customers confirm the expertise of the agency in the field of tailor-made tours in Madagascar.

We encourage anyone wishing to discover Madagascar in a unique and authentic way to contact Madagascar Tours Guide to create their own customized tour. The team of professionals will listen to your needs and accompany you throughout your trip to ensure an unforgettable experience.