Diving tour in Madagascar

Madagascar is distinguished by its exceptionally rich coral reefs, home to a myriad of marine species. Explore these underwater treasures during a diving tour in Madagascar with the team from Mada Tours Guide and discover stunning marine biodiversity.


  1. Overview of Madagascar’s marine biodiversity
  2. Why choose Madagascar for your diving tour?
  3. Top 3 key dive sites offered by Mada Tours Guide during a diving tour in Madagascar
  4. 15-Day diving tour in Madagascar
  5. What to expect during a diving tour in Madagascar with Mada Tours Guide
  6. Diving tour in Madagascar: Tips and best practices

Overview of Madagascar's marine biodiversity

The rich diversity of marine life in Madagascar's coral reefs

Madagascar’s coral reefs are teeming with life, offering a breathtaking display of colors and shapes. Multicolored fish, complex coral formations, and myriad other marine creatures thrive in this fragile but essential ecosystem. Beyond its beauty, these reefs play a crucial role in coastal protection and maintaining ecological balance.

Endemic species in Madagascar's waters

Madagascar’s waters are home to endemic marine species found nowhere else on Earth. These natural treasures, witnesses to the island’s evolutionary history, make Madagascar a biodiversity hotspot. Observing these species in their natural habitat is an unforgettable privilege and an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of their protection.

Conservation efforts to protect Madagascar's marine ecosystems

Mada Tours Guide is committed to preserving the island’s marine wealth. In collaboration with conservation organizations, the agency implements sustainable initiatives to protect coral reefs and marine ecosystems. By choosing Mada Tours Guide, you actively contribute to the conservation of this precious heritage.

Protecting Madagascar’s marine ecosystems is vital for the survival of its biodiversity, the well-being of local communities, and the sustainability of tourism. By getting involved in these conservation initiatives, Mada Tours Guide ensures the longevity of these natural treasures for future generations.

Why choose Madagascar for your diving tour?

Here are 10 good reasons to choose Madagascar for your diving tour:

  1. Exceptional marine biodiversity: Madagascar is home to unique marine wealth, with over 500 coral species and 1500 fish species, including many endemic species.
  2. Varied dive sites: The island offers a wide variety of dive sites for all levels, from shallow coral reefs to historic wrecks and underwater caves.
  3. Fascinating marine fauna: You can observe a multitude of marine species such as sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, tropical fish, and more.
  4. Crystal clear waters: The underwater visibility in Madagascar is excellent, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of the seabed.
  5. Pleasant water temperature: Madagascar’s waters are warm all year round, making diving comfortable and enjoyable.
  6. Affordable prices: Madagascar is a relatively affordable diving destination compared to other tropical destinations.
  7. Spectacular terrestrial landscapes: In addition to diving, you can also enjoy Madagascar’s spectacular landscapes, such as its tropical forests, mountains, and beaches.
  8. Rich and welcoming culture: The Malagasy people are known for their warm welcome and rich culture.
  9. Commitment to marine conservation: Madagascar is a country actively involved in marine conservation, allowing you to dive in a preserved environment.
  10. Unforgettable experience: A Diving tour in Madagascar with Mada Tours Guide promises an experience you will never forget.

Top 3 key dive sites offered by Mada Tours Guide during a diving tour in Madagascar

Mada Tours Guide invites you to discover three exceptional dive sites, each offering a unique experience for divers of all levels.

Nosy Be: The divers' paradise

Dubbed the jewel of Madagascar’s dive sites, Nosy Be amazes with its vibrant coral reefs, abundant marine fauna, and crystal-clear waters. Explore the paradisiacal islands of Nosy Komba, Nosy Sakatia, and Nosy Iranja, each revealing an incomparable underwater world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Nosy Be offers sites suitable for all levels, from shallow reefs to dizzying drop-offs.

The underwater caves of Anakao: A challenge for experienced divers

For seasoned divers seeking adventure, the underwater caves of Anakao promise an exhilarating challenge. During a Diving tour in Madagascar, the Mada Tours Guide team offers excursions to explore these spectacular cavities, a hidden world far from sunlight. Navigate through rocky labyrinths and discover marine life adapted to this dark and cool environment.

Île Sainte-Marie: Pristine reefs and historic wrecks

Île Sainte-Marie offers a fascinating blend of natural beauty and captivating history. Explore the rich and colorful coral reef located less than twenty meters deep, just outside the lagoon of Île aux Nattes. Be amazed by the diversity of marine life that populates this exceptional site. Additionally, the waters surrounding the island are home to centuries-old shipwrecks, now transformed into artificial reefs teeming with life. Dive through these remnants of the past and discover a part of the region’s maritime history.

15-Day diving tour in Madagascar

Here is an example of a 15-day Diving tour in Madagascar planned by Mada Tours Guide.

1Arrival in AntananarivoHotel in AntananarivoAirport reception, transfer to hotel, welcome dinner
2Transfer to Nosy BeHotel in Nosy BeFlight to Nosy Be, hotel check-in, free afternoon to relax
3Diving in Nosy BeHotel in Nosy BeFirst dive in Nosy Be, discovery of coral reefs, diving with turtles
4Diving in Nosy BeHotel in Nosy BeDive at Tanikely site, marine fauna observation, free afternoon
5Excursion to Nosy IranjaHotel in Nosy BeBoat trip to Nosy Iranja, diving and snorkeling, beach lunch
6Diving in Nosy BeHotel in Nosy BeDive at Mitsio site, exploration of coral formations, return to hotel
7Transfer to AnakaoHotel in AnakaoFlight and 4x4 transfer to Anakao, hotel check-in, free evening
8Diving in Anakao's underwater cavesHotel in AnakaoExploration of underwater caves, observation of exotic fish and rock formations
9Diving in Anakao's underwater cavesHotel in AnakaoDeep dive in the caves, marine caverns visit
10Excursion to Nosy VeHotel in AnakaoBoat trip to Nosy Ve, diving and exploration, beach relaxation
11Transfer to Île Sainte-MarieHotel on Île Sainte-MarieFlight and transfer to Île Sainte-Marie, hotel check-in
12Diving on Île Sainte-MarieHotel on Île Sainte-MarieDive at Île aux Nattes site, observation of wrecks and marine life
13Diving on Île Sainte-MarieHotel on Île Sainte-MarieDive at Ampanihy Bay site, exploration of coral reefs and marine fauna
14Free day on Île Sainte-MarieHotel on Île Sainte-MarieRelaxation, swimming, island exploration
15Return to Antananarivo-Airport transfer, return flight, end of circuit
Please note that this circuit is provided as an example only and can be fully customized to your pace and preferences.

What to expect during a diving tour in Madagascar with Mada Tours Guide

Professionalism and expertise at the heart of the adventure

During a diving expedition with Mada Tours Guide, you will be supervised by highly qualified and experienced instructors and guides. These certified professionals, trained to the highest standards, guarantee you a safe and enriching diving experience. 

Their deep knowledge of the local marine environment meets the needs of divers of all levels, from beginners to enthusiasts.

Safety first

Safety is at the heart of every diving excursion with Mada Tours Guide. The agency ensures that each diver is equipped with appropriate safety equipment and fully understands the safety instructions before embarking on the underwater exploration. 

Divers benefit from state-of-the-art equipment, meticulously maintained and regularly checked. Additionally, comprehensive briefings are organized, and professional assistance is available throughout the dives.

Beyond diving: An immersive discovery of Madagascar

Mada Tours Guide offers much more than just diving. To provide a rich and complete journey, the agency offers a variety of complementary activities:

  • Relaxation in thermal waters and natural pools: A welcome moment of relaxation after the intense emotions of diving.
  • Hiking to discover Madagascar’s landscapes and biodiversity: An opportunity to explore the island’s terrestrial wonders.
  • Dinners with lemurs: An unforgettable encounter with Madagascar’s iconic fauna.
  • Rickshaw rides: An ecological and original way to discover cities and their cultures.

Diving tour in Madagascar: Tips and best practices

Dive at the right time

The best period to dive in Madagascar extends from April to December when the rains subside, and underwater visibility is optimal. Enjoy the mild water temperatures, ranging between 25°C and 30°C, to explore the marine diversity in the best conditions.

Choose sites suited to your level

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Madagascar offers sites suited to your skills.

  • Beginners: The calm waters of Nosy Be and the Nosy Tanikely marine reserve are perfect for learning to dive.
  • Experienced Divers: Deeper and current-swept sites like those of the Mitsio and Radama islands offer challenges and extraordinary encounters with marine fauna.

Dive responsibly

Let’s preserve Madagascar’s underwater wealth! Adopt responsible diving:

  • Maintain controlled buoyancy to avoid damaging the corals.
  • Do not touch or disturb marine life.
  • Follow the diving guidelines set by instructors and guides.

Prepare for remote dives

Many dive sites are located in remote areas. Ensure you are well-prepared:

  • Check the condition of your diving equipment and bring all necessary items, including safety elements.
  • Bring medication for motion sickness if you are prone to it.
  • Learn about the access conditions to remote dive sites.

Capture your underwater adventures

Capture the wonders you observe with a quality underwater camera or waterproof housing for your smartphone. Consider accessories like a red filter for deep dives. Consult Mada Tours Guide for advice on photo equipment. Opt for responsible photography that does not disturb marine life.

Mada Tours Guide: Your partner for a custom diving tour

With Mada Tours Guide, enjoy a custom Diving tour designed to meet your desires and skill level:

  • Selection of dive sites adapted to your skills
  • Logistical organization for remote dives
  • Tips and recommendations for an optimal experience
  • Commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism

FAQ About Diving Activities in Madagascar

Madagascar’s marine ecosystems are incredibly rich and diverse. Divers can expect to encounter a range of colorful coral reefs teeming with life, including various fish species, turtles, and occasionally marine mammals like dolphins. Madagascar is also home to several endemic species, meaning they are found nowhere else in the world.

Mada Tours Guide provides access to several top-notch dive sites, each with its own attractions:

  • Nosy Be, often considered the jewel of Madagascar’s dive spots, boasts clear waters and vibrant coral reefs.
  • Anakao’s underwater caves are perfect for more experienced divers looking for an adventurous dive.
  • Pristine reefs and historic wrecks around Île Sainte-Marie offer a mix of natural beauty and fascinating history for an unforgettable diving experience.

Mada Tours Guide caters to divers of all levels, from beginners to experienced divers. For beginners, there are introductory dives and courses where you can learn the basics of scuba diving under the guidance of professional instructors. Experienced divers can explore more challenging sites like Anakao’s underwater caves. Regardless of your experience level, safety measures and briefings are provided to ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

Mada Tours Guide prioritizes the safety of its clients by providing comprehensive safety measures and high-quality diving equipment. All divers are equipped with well-maintained gear, including wetsuits, masks, fins, and tanks. The instructors and guides are professional divers with extensive emergency response and first aid training. Additionally, dives are planned and conducted based on current weather conditions and the divers’ experience levels to ensure everyone’s safety.

While diving is a highlight of the trip, Mada Tours Guide offers a range of additional activities to enrich your travel experience. Depending on the location, these may include snorkeling in shallow reefs, boat excursions to explore the coastline, and opportunities to learn about local conservation efforts. On land, travelers can enjoy guided nature hikes, cultural tours, and visits to local markets.