East Coast Tour

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East Coast Tour

East Coast Tour - Itinerary

Circuit : Antananarivo – Andasibe – Akanin’ny Nofy – Tamatave – Sainte Marie

  • Day 1 – Antananarivo
  • Day 2 – Antananarivo – Andasibe
  • Day 3 – Andasibe
  • Day 4 – Andasibe – Akanin’ny Nofy
  • Day 5 – Akanin’ny Nofy – Tamatave
  • Day 6 – Tamatave – Sainte Marie
  • Day 7, Day 8 and Day 9 – Sainte Marie
  • Day 10 – Sainte Marie – Antananarivo
  • Day 11 – Antananarivo – Country of origin

East Coast Tour - Details of the itinerary

Day 1 – Antananarivo

The team of Madagascar tours guide welcomes you. From the moment you arrive at Ivato International Airport, our driver guide will do everything possible to make your dream come true by making you discover the best of the island through the tour you have chosen. We also remain open to all proposals of personalized tours that you want to realize in Madagascar.


If you still have some free time after settling in your hotel, our driver guide will make you discover some places not to be missed during a short passage in the capital of Madagascar, namely the district of Analakely, the business district of Ankorondrano and the upper town.


    • The district of Analakely shelters historical places like the avenue of the independence and the market of the pavilions. Analakely is one of the places most cherished by the municipality, the presence of a well maintained garden is proof of this. The Avenue of Independence connects the square of Ambohijatovo in the south to the old railway station of Soarano passing by the famous market of Pavilions;
    • The business district of Ankorondrano is located a little further north of the city center towards the famous road of hydrocarbons. This district gathers large buildings which are distinguished not only by their size but also by their modern and recent architectural styles. One finds there for example the head offices of the large banks, those of the large telephone operators or the giant car dealerships…
    • The upper town is a district whose history is inseparable from that of Madagascar. It is the official seat of the sovereigns of Madagascar and the majestic presence of the Queen’s palace is a witness to this. It was built in 1839 by the French architect Jean Laborde under the order of Ranavalona I, Queen of Madagascar.

Day 2 – Antananarivo – Andasibe

The East coast Tour of Madagascar begins. National road N°2. Head for Andasibe. If the journey lasts 3 hours, you will not see the time passing so much the diversity of the landscapes and the vegetation will captivate you. Here, the nature took back all its rights. Already, the vast expanses of greenery and forests mark a break with the city. The ravinala trees, the traveler’s trees, stand in the heart of the vegetation and gently wave their leaves arranged in a fan, as if to greet you.

You will quickly get acquainted with the richness of the fauna of this island of dreams that is Madagascar by visiting the private park Pereyras. Hello nice lemurs! How pretty you are! If Jean de la Fontaine had been able to discover this park where several species of the endemic fauna of the country live together, what fables would he have written, especially when he saw the chameleons which display their nonchalance and their indifference to the curiosity of the visitors.

Once this visit is over, your driver will install you at the hotel. A key person of this East Coast tour of Madagascar will then be introduced to you: your tour guide from Madagascar tours guide! For a few hours, you will be in the company of this specialist who will give you the details of the night visits and those in the VOI village park that you will undertake.

No doubt that you will spend a good night at the hotel after this second full day of your trip to Madagascar.

Day 3 – Andasibe

For this third day of your trip, we will take you near the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park in the VOI village park. The forest of this park is home to the largest species of lemur called Indri-indri, a species that is monogamous and attaches greater importance to the family. During your excursion in the park, you will also meet the smallest chameleon called brookesia. This is not an arboreal species, the brookesia lives on the ground with an amazing ability to mimic the color of its environment. You will also meet other varieties of endemic fauna like the giraffe beetle. This insect can be recognized by its long neck imitating that of the giraffe. Outside the park, the visit of the village of Andasibe allows you to understand the daily life of the population living around.

After the village of Andasibe, the visit of the reserve of Vakôna will allow you to discover other species of lemurs like the vari, the bamboo lemur and the fulvus. They are very sociable and welcoming animals. You will be surprised to have one that will jump on your shoulder. This reserve is also populated by crocodiles, wild ducks, a species of reptile: the boa and the fosa.

At the end of the day, your guide will install you in a hotel in Vakôna, in a calm environment where only the nature exhibits all its splendor.

Day 4 – Andasibe – Akanin’ny Nofy

The adventure continues on the national road 2 with your accompanying driver. A fork in the road 10 km from Brickaville will lead you to Manambato. You will get acquainted with what a track is in Madagascar before arriving at your destination. During one hour of time, you will have made only 7 km, which however will give you any leisure to admire the nature. On the pier of Manambato, you will take a fast boat for a crossing of 1H30 and 45 km on the Pangalanes Canal which runs on the east coast of Madagascar.

You will be installed at the hotel where you will spend the night.

To allow you to meet again during this east coast tour of Madagascar, adapted to your rhythm, we will give you free time in the afternoon.

Day 5 – Akanin’ny Nofy – Tamatave

The private reserve Palmarium is a must to know better the lemurs of Madagascar. During 2 hours, you could observe more closely, 7 species of lemurs of which the indri, the sifaka, the macaco…You could not only approach you but also touch them in this nature populated by moreover of several varieties of plants as the pachypodium, the orchids of which the vanilla, the carnivorous plants…You will seize then fully the true significance of Madagascar, island of dream…


Departure for Tamatave in the early afternoon by fast boat again. Once again, you will be able to admire the Pangalanes Canal and soak up the images of this unforgettable tour that will have led you to the land of lemurs during the 4 hours of the trip.


Once in Tamatave, you will be settled in the hotel where you will spend the night.

Day 6 – Tamatave – Sainte Marie

Direction Sainte Marie, a small dream island near the big dream island. Departure very early by road with the cars of the company to the pier of Mahambo for Sainte Marie. According to the state of the road, this trip-adventure lasts 2H30 mn.


Once in Mahambo, the passengers and their luggage are taken in charge to be put on the boat. After a crossing of 3 to 4 hours, arrival at Sainte Marie where you will be installed in a hotel for the night.

Day 7, Day 8 and Day 9 – Sainte Marie

Three days of relaxation and leisure in complete freedom in Sainte Marie. If you are fond of heavenly beaches, you will be served for the idleness you have always dreamed of. This does not prevent you from going out to sea, diving under the sea where you can admire the aquatic funds, whale safaris depending on the season.

Indeed, on this side of the Indian Ocean, the whales’ ballet takes place from July to September. But there are also, the small tours to be made to the Island of mats for example, the tours in motorcycle… This east coast tour of Madagascar has the advantage of allowing you to realize what you always wanted to do.

Day 10 – Sainte Marie – Antananarivo

For this 10th day of the east coast tour, our guide will make you discover a paradise island in a dream island, Sainte-Marie. Located in the bay of Tintingue, this long island of the Malagasy east coast has all the tourist assets like lush forests, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. If you plan to go there between June and September, you will have the chance to see the natural spectacle when humpback whales come from the cold waters of Antarctica in search of warmer waters. During this period, they offer a unique show in the St. Mary’s Channel. Depending on your availability, your guide will accompany you during your visit in some interesting places like the Bay of Ampanihy with its beautiful white sand beaches and its turquoise blue waters, the botanical and zoological endemic park of Ambodiforaha, the waterfall of Antanandava, the island of Mats, the Cemetery of the pirates, the Museum of the Islet Madame, the Eiffel lighthouse and the Blevec lighthouse.


In order to better discover the island of Sainte-Marie, several activities will be proposed to you, among others, the tour of the island of mats by pirogue or on foot, the crossing of the island from west to east on foot, the discovery of Sainte-Marie by scooter, the exploration of the islet of sands by boat…

Day 11 – Antananarivo – Country of origin

Depending on the time of your flight back to your destination country, our driver will accompany you to the airport. Depending on the time you may have, he will be happy to make a stop at the craft market located on the road to the airport, if you want to take with you, in addition to all these images and emotions that you have experienced in this dream island, Malagasy handicrafts as souvenirs of Madagascar … to offer and to offer yourself …


Before your flight to your home country, your transfer to the airport will be taken care of by our driver. If you still have enough money, you will have the possibility to visit the artisanal market located in the road of the airport to buy you some objects which could symbolize your trip, your emotions, your discoveries during your trip in the Big Island. Take this opportunity to take some souvenir items to offer to your relatives and friends.


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