Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings tour

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Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings tour

Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings tour - Itinerary


  • The Portuguese Islet
  • Louis Peak
  • Lokaro excursion
  • Excursion to Ste Luce
  • Evatra excursion
  • Nahampoana Reserve
  • Libanona Beach
  • Lake Vinanibe

Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings tour - Details of the itinerary

Located at about 1000 km from the capital, Fort-Dauphin is the capital of the Anosy region, in the south-east of the Grande-Ile. Fort-Dauphin is characterized by the presence of a generous nature including a tropical climate, magnificent beaches, mountains with luxuriant forests, rivers as well as botanical and zoological parks sheltering lemurs species. For your visit to Fort-Dauphin, your tour guide from Madagascar tours guide will show you the must-see places in the city and its surroundings.

The Portuguese Islet

To begin your visit, go to the Portuguese Islet. It is a former stronghold of the Portuguese castaways who built a stone building in 1505 to serve as a weapons storehouse.

St. Louis Peak

From the Portuguese Islet, your guide will lead you to the Pic St Louis. At 529 meters high, the Pic St Louis is the highest peak of Fort-Dauphin. A short hike in this site gives you exceptional views on the city, the lagoons and the Evatraha bay.

Lokaro excursion

You will then be taken on an excursion to the bay of Lokaro whose landscape is marked by a magnificent beach with fine sands and creeks favorable for swimming in crystal clear waters and scuba diving.

Excursion to Ste Luce

After Lokaro, head for Ste Luce, a village famous as the landing place of the French. Through this Fort Dauphin tour, you will meet various monuments that have marked the presence of Europeans in the region. These vestiges will allow you to know the history of the city.

Evatra excursion

Accompanied by your guide, your excursion continues to Evatra, a beautiful fishermen’s village with straw houses. Evatra represents the image of a still intact and wild nature. Discover an exceptional landscape marked by the succession of the most beautiful creeks. From the top, you will appreciate a real natural spectacle near the village where the lake meets the sea.

Nahampoana Reserve

On a surface of 50 Ha, 7 km from Fort-Dauphin, the tropical park of Nahampoana shelters some colonies of lemurs among which 6 nocturnal species as well as birds, turtles and crocodiles. If you are an adventure lover in the heart of nature dominated by lush vegetation, you will find your account there.

Libanona Beach

After the Nahampoana reserve, your guide will direct you to the south of Fort-Dauphin, to the famous Libanona beach, only 10 minutes from downtown. It is undoubtedly one of the most sumptuous beaches of Madagascar with its white sands and the exceptional view at sunset. It is also a meeting place for surfers thanks to its perfect winds and magnificent waves.

Lake Vinanibe

From Libanona beach, your tour guide will take you to Lake Vinanibe, 8 km from the city of Fort-Dauphin. This site is known for its clear waters bordered by pearly sands. It is a place not to be missed on this Fort-Dauphin tour if you like water sports.

Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings tour - Extension


Berenty is a nature reserve located 86 km west of Fort-Dauphin. The site extends over 250 ha and shelters a fauna and flora characteristic of the Androy region including the gallery forest and the dry forest with 6 species of lemurs, reptiles, turtles and birds. The majority of lemurs are already familiar with the presence of man and do not hesitate to offer a little show to visitors.

Androy Museum

The museum of the Androy, also called Arimbelo which means coal of life is a natural reserve of 265 ha is a private initiative. The museum is composed of four rooms that represent the historical identity of the Antandroy people including their daily life, their crafts, their culture, their ceremonies … through archaeological research.

Sifaka Dancing

During your passage on the reserve of Berenty, appreciate the dance of the sifaka (propithecus of Verreaux), a species of lemurs which, while moving, melts lateral jumps in the shape of dance from where the term sifaka dancing. It is an unusual spectacle that nature offers you during your stay.

Sisal Plantation

Take advantage of your stay in Berenty to visit a vast plantation of sisal, a species of plant of the Agavaceae family whose fibers are used for the confection of ropes and carpets.


Only on this Fort Dauphin tour, your driver guide will take you by 4×4 car to Cape St. Marie (Tanjona Vohimena), on the southernmost tip of Madagascar. The landscape is marked by the cliff covered with dwarf vegetation. Cape Ste Marie is home to 2 species of endangered turtles, a dozen species of birds, 3 species of tenrecideae and a species of primate.


Once at Cap Ste Marie, a visit to the lighthouse is a must. This building was majestically erected in 1971 at the top of the vertical cliff of Cap Ste Marie and was renovated in 2007 by adding a lantern and a lamp. From June to October, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the passage of migrating humpback whales.


After visiting the lighthouse, go to the Cap Ste Marie special reserve. You will meet endangered species of turtles such as the radiated turtle (Geochelone radiata) and the spider turtle (Pyxis arachnoides). Both species live in the spiny bush and dwarf vegetation. They appear especially in April.


20 km from Cape St. Marie, you will be guided to a small fishing village of Lavanono (long breast). It is an exceptional and authentic place, a naturally preserved landscape that spreads over a plateau of 150 km2.


Led by your Madagascar tours guide tour guide, you can visit the beaches and dunes of the Androy region. According to the accounts of early explorers, the dunes of Lavanono were egg fragments of æpyornis maximus, a prehistoric bird that is believed to have lived in southwest Madagascar.


Apart from the dunes, if you are a surfing enthusiast, you will find your account along the coasts with spots adapted to your level, exclusively during this Fort Dauphin tour. One of the most beautiful is Lavanono. For the most experienced surfers, they will be on their perfect ground with the waves of the bay of Ambinanibe. For the great beginners, it is possible to be initiated to surfing in one of the camps opened to this activity.


Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings tour - Map

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