Madagascar off-road tour with Madagascar Tours Guide

After visiting the most beautiful tourist sites on Madagascar’s main highways, why not discover Madagascar from another angle, by exploring the wild, unspoilt paradise spots that are mostly located in remote areas, inaccessible only by off-road vehicles. Madagascar Tours Guide has made this dream come true with a Madagascar off-road tour.


  1. Madagascar off-road tour: Off-Road tour Not to be Missed
    • Why choose a Madagascar off-road tour with Madagascar Tours Guide?
    • The advantages of an off-road tour in Madagascar
  2. The different regions of Madagascar to explore by 4×4
    • Off-road tours in northern Madagascar
    • Off-road tours in southern Madagascar
    • Off-road tours between East and West Madagascar
  3. Preparing your Madagascar off-road tour
    • Necessary formalities and documents
    • Essential equipment for off-road tour in Madagascar
    • Precautions to take on an off-road tour in Madagascar
  4. Madagascar Tours Guide off-road tour prices (in table form)
  5. Unforgettable experiences on a 4×4 tour with Madagascar Tours Guide

Madagascar off-road tour: Off-Road Tour not to be missed

Off-road tour with Madagascar Tours Guide take you to paradisiacal spots lost in the tropical rainforests of the east, south-east and north, and the semi-desert coasts of the south, west and north-west. For lovers of Madagascar off-road tour, here are a few not to be missed indications:

  • Route nationale 5 linking Soanierana Ivongo and Maroantsetra in the east,
  • Route Nationale 1A linking Tsiroanomandidy and Maintirano in the west,
  • the coastal track linking Toliara – Anakao – Itampolo – Lavanono – Berenty – Fort Dauphin – Manantenina – Vangaindrano – Farafangana, from south-west to south-east via the south,
  • the sandy track linking Miandrivazo – Morondava – Belo sur Mer – Andranopasy – Morombe- Andavadaoka – Salary – Ifaty and Toliara…

Why choose a Madagascar off-road tour with Madagascar Tours Guide?

To ensure the safety and comfort of our Madagascar off-road tour, Madagascar Tours Guide has made it a priority to select vehicles that meet the criteria of safety, power and comfort. A car rental option in Madagascar allows:

Access to remote areas

With 20,000 km of secondary roads and tracks that are deplorable in most cases, especially during the rainy seasons, only 4×4 vehicles can provide access to the most remote and little-known areas.

Travel during the rainy season

To facilitate travel and access to the most remote tourist sites during the rainy season (high tourist season in Madagascar), all-terrain vehicles are a must.

Faster travel

On Madagascar off-road tour, it’s sometimes necessary for travelers to arrive at a given location on time, at a ferry boarding point for example. As most tracks are of poor quality, travelling by 4×4 saves time.

Comfort during the tour

Despite track conditions such as potholes, crossings and gullies, 4×4 vehicles offer a high level of comfort for travelers. The suspension system has been designed to absorb the violent movements caused by driving over defective parts.

The advantages of a Madagascar off-road tour

Madagascar off-road tour stand out from other tours offered by Madagascar Tours Guide thanks to a number of criteria, such as

  • vehicle stability, even in rough, wet, muddy or sandy terrain..,
  • access to untouched sites, untouched by human activity,
  • the possibility of visiting sites inaccessible only during the dry season,
  • the possibility of visiting sites located in the mountains or forests,
  • comfort during the journey, whatever the type of track (steep roads, unmarked tracks, etc.),
  • the adrenalin rush after a difficult passage,
  • the assurance of being aboard a robust and powerful vehicle during the tour…

The different regions of Madagascar to explore in 4x4

Off-road tour in northern Madagascar

Off-road tour in northern Madagascar include a visit to the Ankarana Special Reserve. In addition to its exceptional flora and fauna, most of which are endemic to the region, this site boasts a number of interesting attractions, including the landscape of the Tsingy de l’Ankarana and the Tsingy rouge, a geological formation of sharp peaks created by karst erosion.

Off-road tour in southern Madagascar

Off-road tour in the south of Madagascar take in some of the most beautiful spots along the coast, on sandy tracks to Itampolo, the Linta and Menarandra rivers to Andohaela National Park, via Cap Ste Marie. After a visit to the park’s rich biodiversity, head for the breathtaking coastal landscape of Fort-Dauphin.

Off-road tour between East and West Madagascar

Off-road tour between the east and west of Madagascar alternate between tracks and roads leading to the most beautiful sites, such as Morondava (the baobab avenue) and the Tsingy de Bemaraha. For the west to east crossing, there are a number of tracks, depending on the rainy season, which allow you to return to the central highlands in 4×4 vehicles. From the capital to the east, the Andasibe Mantadia National Park offers an opportunity to discover the fauna and flora of the endemic species.

Preparing your 4x4 tour in Madagascar

Necessary formalities and documents

As with any trip abroad, travelers must bring with them:

Essential equipment for Madagascar off-road tour

Here is a non-exhaustive list of essential equipment for a Madagascar off-road tour:

  • a well-maintained and serviced 4×4 vehicle adapted to Malagasy trails provided by Madagascar Tours Guide with an experienced driver-guide,
  • some seasonal clothing,
  • a first-aid kit with:
  • a first-aid guide,
  • disposable gloves,
  • a mouth-to-mouth mask,
  • a thermometer,
  • a pair of round-tipped scissors,
  • splinter forceps,
  • safety pins,
  • a roll of plaster,
  • sterile compresses…,
  • vehicle repair and recovery equipment: protective armor, creek, keys, flashlight, spare tire, tent depending on number of travelers (tent with children if any), portable cooler, water and food reserve, compressor, roof tent, fully charged cell phone, reserve fuel and lubricants….

All these materials and equipment are already included in Madagascar Tours Guide 4×4 tours in Madagascar.

Precautions to take on a Madagascar off-road tour

  • For safety reasons, Madagascar off-road tour should only take place before dark,
  • Do not eat raw vegetables or drink water from unknown sources,
  • Always ask the guide’s advice before undertaking any individual action outside the scope of the tour,
  • Don’t spend the night in a bivouac unless it’s on a secure site advised by the guide,
  • Do not touch or feed park animals unless authorized,
  • Take frequent breaks for all vehicle occupants,
  • Pay close attention to wild animals, poisonous animals, etc,
  • Try to arrive early or at the opening time of national parks and reserves,
  • Carry some money with you,
  • Have a well-charged telephone and a reserve of call credit,
  • Have the contact numbers of the gendarmerie companies in the region where you will be passing through on your Madagascar off-road tour,
  • Do not exceed 400 km of travel per day for a family trip,
  • check the vehicle regularly after long journeys…

Rates for off-road tours in Madagascar offered by Madagascar Tours Guide

Type of toursDurationCost per person
Off-road tour tailor-made VariableVariable
Off-road tour for small groups8 à 15 days1500 $ à 2000 $
Family off-road tour10 à 30 days2000 $ à 4000 $
Off-road tour for adventurers12 à 30 days2500 $ à 5000 $

Unforgettable experiences on a 4x4 tour with Madagascar Tours Guide

Encounters with Madagascar's flora and fauna

This Madagascar off-road tour is rich in discoveries of flora and fauna. Madagascar’s biodiversity is one of the richest in the world, with a very high rate of endemicity in certain sites. Be sure to bring a high-performance camera with you to immortalize every highlight of your hiking tours in Madagascar.

Activities not to be missed on an off-road tour in Madagascar

Meeting the local population during your Madagascar off-road tour, sampling the culinary specialties of each region along the way, and whale watching safaris in southern and eastern Madagascar are all must-do activities on off-road tours of Madagascar.


A Madagascar off-road tour is one of the best ways to discover Madagascar’s hidden beauty. Off-road tours organized in Madagascar by the travel agency Madagascar Tours Guide provide access to sites that are little known due to poor road infrastructure. Most of these sites are only accessible on foot, by motorcycle, quad bike or 4×4, even though they are brimming with considerable tourist attractions. The aim of this 4×4 tour offered by Madagascar Tours Guide is to introduce visitors from all over the world to the beauty of Madagascar off the beaten track.