Madagascar tours for seniors with Madagascar Tours Guide

Madagascar Tours Guide is a travel agency aiming to facilitate the discovery of Madagascar through an offer of different types of tours. For seniors in particular, personalized tours according to their availability, their physical and financial possibilities are available (10 day tours, weekend or week-long tours…). During Madagascar tours for seniors, visitors are always accompanied by an experienced tour guide who knows perfectly the places to visit and the must-see sites for a given tour. The reception, all the transportation during the chosen tour, the hotel reservation… is entirely taken care of by the guide. This is to allow the visitors to concentrate on the tour.


  1. Introduction
  2. Why Madagascar is a great destination for senior travelers
    • The unique attractions and experiences that Madagascar offers
    • Why Madagascar is particularly well-suited for senior travelers, such as its relatively low crime rate and high standards of healthcare
  3. Benefits of traveling with Madagascar Tours Guide
    • The advantages of traveling with a tour guide, such as access to insider knowledge and local contacts
    • How a tour guide can tailor the experience to the needs and interests of senior travelers
    • The peace of mind that comes with having a knowledgeable guide to navigate a new country
  4. Sample Itinerary for seniors
    • An example itinerary for seniors with Madagascar Tours Guide, highlighting the key sights and experiences
    • How the itinerary can be customized to accommodate the needs and interests of senior travelers
  5. Tips for senior travelers in Madagascar
    • Practical advice for senior travelers visiting Madagascar, such as what to pack and how to stay healthy
    • Any potential challenges and how to overcome them, such as language barriers or physical limitations
  6. Conclusion

Why Madagascar is a great destination for senior travelers?

Seniors interested in the historical vestiges of a country, the culture as well as the tradition and customs, will find their account in Madagascar. The Big Island is a country very respectful of traditions, taboos, habits and customs, ancestral practices and the dead in general. Besides its cultural richness, Madagascar has a unique biodiversity in the world with endemic and exceptional fauna and flora. Various activities are possible for seniors: hiking no more than 5 km, going down the river in a traditional dugout canoe, swimming and going to the sea, whale safari…

Why is Madagascar a well-suited destination for seniors?

Known as the land of mora mora, which means the land of no stress, Madagascar is suitable for seniors who want to experience the sights, wilderness and cultures of a completely unfamiliar country. The crime rate is one of the lowest in the world despite the presence of rare cases of pick pocketing in the big cities.

Security arrangements are in place on the roads leading to tourist areas, national roads and tracks. The same applies to health issues, as Madagascar has basic health centres – level II (CSB II) even in the most remote areas. At the same time, travellers are provided with equipment and medicines in case of need.

During a Madagascar tours for seniors, travellers will be given special consideration according to their physical ability. Tours at an easy level are proposed to them, the choice of the site takes into account the length of the journey, the duration of the visit, the means of locomotion, the hotel…

Madagascar tours for seniors : benefits of traveling with Madagascar Tours Guide

Compared to an adventure tour, the presence of a tour guide makes the discovery of the sites and their stories easier. The guide has a thorough knowledge of the tours and tourist sites in Madagascar and plans the visit, the route, arranges accommodation and hotels, and provides travelers with the necessary knowledge about a given tourist location. The guide is also the interlocutor between the visitors and the villagers, sometimes playing the role of interpreter and facilitating contact with the inhabitants along the route.

The guide’s experience at the service of senior travellers

Having been in constant contact with travellers of all ages, the tour guide has a wide range of approaches to suit the needs and aspirations of each age. For seniors in particular, tours, sites to be visited, length and duration of travel from the hotel to the destination are given exceptional consideration. The same applies to catering and accommodation. The Madagascar Tours Guide tourist guide necessarily has this capacity to adapt to the needs of each type of traveller.

The advantage of having a competent guide to discover a new country

As seniors, it is rather difficult to navigate an unfamiliar country without a guide. In general, tours organized by Madagascar Tours Guide are always accompanied by a competent guide, especially for senior visitors. Thus, visitors will no longer have to pay the fees of local guides for each site or nature reserve visited where prices are often exorbitant. The advantage of having an experienced guide for the discovery of an unknown country is that visitors can concentrate on the tour or visit without worrying about other details related to their travels. In addition, the guide knows the route to be taken, the place to be visited and the choice of accommodation.

Sample Itinerary for seniors

Madagascar tours for seniors : an sample itinerary

For their travel in Madagascar, the east coast Madagascar Tour is one of the most suitable for seniors travellers. The route is about only 3 hours from Antananarivo criss-crossing the eastern rainforest until Mahambo where they will be shipping to the paradise island of Sainte Marie. This paradisiacal island of Sainte Marie is an excellent choice thanks to its turquoise sea, its white sands… which is perfectly suited for seniors looking for pure relaxation in an idyllic place, not too far away, easily accessible and which does not require a long walk to get there.

Possibility of customising the route according to the needs of the seniors

Given their age and limited physical capacity, not all available routes are necessarily suitable for seniors. The customisation of routes consists of finding a shorter route and a more comfortable and faster means of transport in order to make the journey less tiring for the seniors. While most tours are often a half or even a full day, the duration of a trip should not exceed 3 hours with several stops.

Tips for senior travelers in Madagascar

For your trip to Madagascar, it is best to bring some clothes depending on the season: winter (June – end of August), summer (October – April). Seniors should also be equipped with cameras or high-resolution smartphones to immortalise their visits to the Big Island. In addition, they should carry a certificate of vaccination as well as some basic and preventive medication. Once on site, be extra vigilant by noting the foods to be avoided: raw vegetables, suspect foods, unknown drinks…

Language as well as the physical capacity of the seniors can be a barrier to immersion with the local population when visiting the villages. As for physical limitations, solutions for personalising the tours are already in place to make them accessible to older people without being tiring. For language barriers, the presence of a competent guide facilitates the exchange with locals in all regions where the tours pass.


Discovering Madagascar with this Madagascar tours for seniors is to benefit from an all-in-one travel package and at the rhythm of “mora mora” or without stress. It is an option to be privileged to better discover the Big Island and all its tourist assets.

The whole team is proud to invite you to include Madagascar in your travel agenda through different tours elaborated and organised by Madagascar Tours Guide.

All ideas of customization of the tours are always possible for all age groups.