One-day helicopter tour

One-day helicopter tour

Soar above Madagascar’s natural splendor on an unforgettable helicopter tour, offering breathtaking views and unique perspectives of its diverse landscapes from the sky. Imagine boarding a modern and safe helicopter, ready to whisk you away on an aerial journey over the astonishing diversity of this exotic island.

Your adventure begins as the helicopter lifts off, revealing stunning views of the Malagasy coast, where the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean meet white-sand beaches. Multicolored coral reefs paint the turquoise waters, creating an aquatic spectacle like no other. As you fly above the island, admire the vast expanses of lush rainforests, home to biodiversity unlike anywhere else on Earth. Mountain peaks rise majestically, offering breathtaking panoramas of deep valleys and winding rivers. As the helicopter progresses, Madagascar’s astonishing geological formations unfold below. The tsingy, sharp limestone rock formations sculpted by erosion, create a mesmerizing lunar landscape that is difficult to fully appreciate from the ground.

Your helicopter tour can also take you over nature reserves, where unique species such as lemurs, chameleons, and other endemic animals thrive in their natural habitat. Imagine soaring above the canopies of primary forests and observing wildlife from a privileged aerial perspective.

Take a day-long helicopter tour and contemplate the splendor of the turquoise sea
Admire the national parks on a one-day helicopter tour

Tour highlights: One-day helicopter tour

  • Exceptional aerial perspective: The tour offers breathtaking panoramic views of Madagascar’s diverse landscapes, from coastlines to rainforests to mountain peaks.
  • Unique accessibility: Explore remote and unspoiled sites that are difficult to reach by land, providing an exclusive experience.
  • Wildlife observation: The aerial perspective offers a rare opportunity to observe endemic fauna, including lemurs in their natural habitat.
  • Safety and comfort: The use of modern and reliable helicopters ensures the safety of passengers and allows them to fully enjoy the experience.
  • Immersive experience: In a short time, this tour covers a variety of landscapes and iconic sites, offering a complete immersion in Madagascar’s natural richness.
  • Unforgettable adventure: It is a unique opportunity to experience a memorable adventure over one of the most extraordinary destinations in the world.
One-day helicopter tour
Discover the beauty of Nosy Ve and Anakao on an unforgettable helicopter tour


Taking off from the capital, Antananarivo, this helicopter adventure takes you through the diverse panoramas of Madagascar.

  • The East coast reveals itself with its idyllic beaches, mangroves, and rainforests teeming with unique biodiversity.
  • Explore the Tsingy de Bemaraha in the west, extraordinary limestone rock formations, before flying over the west coast, with its turquoise bays and picturesque coastal villages.
  • The central highlands unveil terraced rice paddies and colorful villages, offering an immersion in local culture.
  • The return to Antananarivo completes this exceptional aerial experience, a true odyssey through Madagascar’s natural and cultural treasures.

This itinerary can be adapted according to individual preferences, weather, and other factors, offering a flexible and personalized experience.