Red Tsingy: An ephemeral adventure in the heart of malagasy nature

Red Tsingy in one day

Embark on a memorable day in the northern part of Madagascar. The Red Tsingy in one day excursion promises an unforgettable day. The journey begins early, leaving from the meeting point to this unique location about 2 hours south of Diego.

Arriving at the Red Tsingy in the mid-morning, the red limestone formations, sculpted by erosion, create a spectacular landscape. A guided walk by local experts allows for close-up encounters with this unique geological wonder. A picnic lunch, savored in an enchanting setting, offers a pleasant moment in a peaceful environment. The return to Diego Suarez in the mid-afternoon is followed by a guided tour of the city, including iconic landmarks such as the bay. The day concludes at the starting point in the early evening, leaving indelible memories of the natural beauty and cultural adventure of this exceptional region.

Red Tsingy discovery
Excursion to the Red Tsingy

Tour highlights: Red Tsingy in one day

  • An opportunity to explore these amazing rock formations on foot, crossing specially designed walkways to admire up close the beauty of this exceptional natural site.
  • Cultural encounter and sharing with the local population.
  • Discovery of the city of Diego and its particularity.
The Red Tsingy in one day


Meet your guide and driver at the meeting point. Drive on National Road 6 towards Red Tsingy located about 65 km from the city of Diego. You arrive at Red Tsingy, a unique geological formation in the world. The red limestone needles, sculpted by erosion, create a fascinating and captivating lunar landscape. The local guide shares interesting anecdotes about the geology and local fauna, adding an informative dimension to your experience.

After a morning rich in discoveries, lunch is planned in a picturesque setting.

In the mid-afternoon, return to Diego Suarez, where you have the opportunity to discover the city from a new angle. A guided tour takes you through the lively streets, colorful markets and historic districts of the city. You can explore iconic sites such as Diego Suarez Bay, offering spectacular views of the Indian Ocean.

The day ends with a return to the meeting point in the early evening. This complete experience leaves you with unforgettable memories of the Red Tsingy, the magnificent landscapes, the local culture in Diego Suarez and the warmth of the people that characterizes this region of Madagascar.