Small groups tours in Madagascar

All the formulas are possible to discover Madagascar whether alone, as a couple or with friends. You just have to choose among the tours proposed by Madagascar Tours Guide and have enough time to visit the tourist potential of the four corners of the island. Besides the existing tours, you can propose us ideas of small groups tours in Madagascar that you want to realize in the Big Island. In the meantime, let yourself be tempted by our offers of accompanied tours in Madagascar in small group likely to be realized in Madagascar following:

  • Discovery of the central highlands,
  • North of Madagascar tour in small group,
  • Baobab Coast Tour in small group,
  • Small groups tours in Madagascar : The Vanilla Coast,
  • East Coast Tour in small group,
  • Descent on the Tsiribihina in small group,
  • Descent on Manambolo in small group,
  • Discovery of the great south in small group,
  • Exploration of the wonders of the Big Island,
  • Crossing from West to East in small group,
  • Visit of the East coast & Sainte-Marie,
  • Discovery of the Makay Massifs,
  • Exploration of Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings,
  • Descent of the Pangalanes Canal.

Explore the North of Madagascar in a small group

The North of Madagascar Tour is an ideal choice for a small group of travelers wishing to explore a natural environment preserved in its wild state and still very rich in biodiversity of a great rarity and very strong endemism. Take this opportunity to discover the beauty of the SAVA region (Sambava-Antalaha-Vohémar-Andapa), the crossroads of vanilla and cocoa as well as the island of Nosy Be with its perfume of ylang-ylang.

Accompanied tours in small groups on the Baobab Coast

The Baobab Coast tour can be realized with a small group of travelers who particularly like real adventures off the beaten track. This tour includes the descent of a long river on board a traditional dugout, a moment that gets the adrenaline going, an unusual moment of sunset on the Baobab avenue… These are moments to be shared together in small groups and in real time.

Small groups tours in Madagascar : The Vanilla Coast

The best way to appreciate the beauty of the landscape along the Vanilla Coast is to do so on one of the guided small group Madagascar tours offered by Madagascar Tours Guide. Live together the moments of observation and admiration of the magnificent landscapes of the Vanilla Coast tour. Moreover, a visit in small group is always interesting to attend the show offered by the nature in the national parks or the protected reserves along this circuit.

Discover the East Coast in a small group

The East Coast of Madagascar tour goes through many breathtaking places not only of green landscapes but also of sumptuous beaches. It will be necessary to be at least two to better exploit the tourist assets of the East of Madagascar. Spending time in group on the beach of the Ile aux Nattes, walking together in groups of less than 10 people on the Canal des Pangalanes or making an excursion in the national parks crossed by the circuit… these are only examples among the many advantages of discovering the East of Madagascar in small group.

Small groups tours in Madagascar : Descent on the Tsiribihina

The descent on the Tsiribihina river can be realized in small group in particular for the travelers wishing to raise the adrenalin. Among the main points of the Tsiribihina River Tour, you will travel in group a 137 km river on board a traditional dugout. Apart from the descent on the Tsiribihina, exceptional landscapes will be at the rendezvous: you will attend together to a fairy-like spectacle of the sunset on the baobab avenue in addition to the discovery of endemic fauna and flora of the region crossed by the circuit.

Small groups tours in Madagascar on the Manambolo

The descent circuit on Manambolo will lead you towards a part of the Big Island where the landscape will not fail to surprise you. The descent on Manambolo in traditional dugout will constitute a true adventure in group while observing the way of life of the inhabitants along the circuit. You will be surprised by the hospitality of the inhabitants towards the visitors who come to admire the beauty of their country.

Small group tour in the south of Madagascar

There is nothing more moving than to discover the deep south during a group trip in Madagascar. It is always interesting to laugh, discuss, share points of view throughout the discoveries. This circuit conceals irresistible tourist vestiges going from the extraordinary landscapes to the numerous reserves rich in biodiversity while passing by adventures for those who need adrenalin. Strongly recommended for lovers of beautiful beaches and seaside activities.

The wonders of the Big Island, to discover in small group

As its name indicates, this group tour in Madagascar has been tailored to meet the needs of discovering the wonders of the Big Island from the capital to the west through the south and part of the highlands. It is one of the longest accompanied small groups tours in Madagascar available at Madagascar Tours Guide Agency for travelers looking for more varied offers. In addition to the beautiful beaches such as those of Salary, the island of Mats … the excursion in traditional dugout on one of the rivers of the west, the visit of national parks or Tsingy are part of the assets of the circuit.

Small groups tours in Madagascar : Crossing from West to East

This tour is perfectly suited for a small group of travelers eager to discover the cultural richness of Madagascar, for example, during the passage to Ambositra, in the village of the Zafimaniry people. At the same time, it is always more interesting to visit in small group the picturesque tourist sites like the Tsingy of Bemaraha. In addition to these numerous discoveries, this accompanied tour in Madagascar combines relaxation and adventure thanks to the passage in the marvelous beaches and the descent on a long river like the Tsiribihina.

Small groups tours in Madagascar in the Makay Massifs

This circuit has been named Makay Massifs tour in order to highlight the tourist potential of the place. This circuit has been elaborated to satisfy the needs of adventure, discovery and relaxation along a chosen route. It is one of the richest accompanied tours in small groups that Madagascar Tours Guide proposes to discover. Discovery of unusual landscapes, art and culture, fauna and flora, adventure in the canyons, moments of relaxation in the waterfalls and natural pools, visit of caves and other historical places… are part of the activities to be realized in this small groups tours in Madagascar.

Small groups tours in Madagascar : The Pangalanes Canal tours

This is an extraordinary adventure by motorboat along the Pangalanes Canal, a 700 km long river bordering the east coast and separated from the Indian Ocean by a tongue of land. This three-day, four-night tour is particularly recommended for a small group of travelers wishing to explore a new culture, get to know the way of life of the inhabitants along the way and of course, admire the breathtaking scenery of the Malagasy east coast from Mananjary to Mahanoro. As usual, the good mood will be required during the trip. The trip will be made in the conviviality with the smiles of the inhabitants of banks, the greetings of the other travelers or the pirogues as well as a festive atmosphere in the visited villages.

Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings, to discover in small group

Natural reserves, rich fauna and flora, historical places, sumptuous beaches… this capital of the Anosy region has assets to attract visitors from all over the world. Madagascar Tours Guide suggests to a solitary visitor to join a small group of travelers to better appreciate the beauty of this southern part of Madagascar. You will experience the atmosphere of the tropical beach of Libanona, visit the reserve of Nampoina where nocturnal lemurs and other bird species live. In addition to that, you will have the opportunity to go on excursions to beautiful places such as the Portuguese Islands, Lokaro, Pic St Louis, Ste Luce, Evatra, Lake Vinanibe…

Visits of the wonders of the Vezo country in small group

The Circuit Wonders of the Vezo country is in perfect adequacy with the formula travel in small group. You will go through the Vezo country from Ifaty to Morombe where the generous nature is a real wonder. Ifaty is known for its beautiful beaches and lagoons. You will certainly appreciate the sea walk while discovering what is the Vezo fishermen village, their daily life, their culture. Apart from the seaside activities, the walks in the mangroves, the visit of the forests of Mikea, you will arrive at Morombe where you will meet the biggest baobab of the island with a circumference going to 30 meters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Madagascar Small Group Tour

Madagascar Tours Guide, attuned to travelers’ queries, has compiled frequently asked questions by adventurers eager to explore Madagascar in small groups. This FAQ provides clear, detailed answers to assist in planning a memorable journey on this multifaceted island.

Madagascar boasts a variety of captivating routes for small groups. The Madagascar Small Group Tour along the Baobab Coast stands out, offering unique escapes and the splendor of the Avenue of the Baobabs. The Northern Circuit invites exploration of abundant wildlife, flora, and panoramas in the SAVA region and Nosy Be. Madagascar Tours Guide also recommends routes along the Vanilla Coast and through central plateaus for complete immersion in the island’s diverse cultural and natural heritage.

Choosing the right circuit for a small group in Madagascar involves several factors:

  • Identify common interests: Determine if your group prefers nature, culture, or adventure to target circuits matching everyone’s passions.
  • Consider the circuit’s duration: Decide on the desired travel length, ranging from a few days to several weeks.
  • Desired comfort levels: Choose from basic accommodations, comfortable lodgings, or luxurious options, affecting both experience and budget.
  • Group budget: Set a realistic budget for all members, including tour fees, meals, extra activities, and unforeseen expenses.
  • Accessibility and mobility: Ensure the circuit suits all members’ physical abilities, especially if activities like hiking or climbing are involved.
  • Travel period: Select the best time considering Madagascar’s weather and seasonal events.
  • Group size: Ensure the circuit can accommodate your group’s number while maintaining a quality experience.
  • Feedback and reviews: Read other travelers’ reviews about Madagascar Tours Guide on TripAdvisor for a clearer idea of what to expect.

A small group circuit in Madagascar offers numerous must-do activities, including exploring the island’s unique wildlife and flora, visiting national parks, discovering natural reserves, and experiencing local cultures. Activities like river canoeing, breathtaking hikes, and relaxing on idyllic beaches are not to be missed.

The cost for a small group circuit in Madagascar varies based on factors like duration, accommodation type, and included activities. Madagascar Tours Guide offers a range of circuits at different price points to suit various budgets without compromising experience quality. Packages often include services like guides, transportation, accommodations, and some meals, providing good value for money.

The optimal time for a Madagascar Small Group Tour depends on the region being visited and planned activities. Generally, the dry season from May to October is ideal for most circuits, offering milder weather and more accessible roads. However, specific circuits, such as whale watching or certain trekking activities, may be better suited to other times.

Accommodations during a Madagascar small group tour range from simple bungalows to more comfortable hotels. Madagascar Tours Guide ensures each lodging option is carefully selected for comfort, strategic location, and authentic character. Groups often enjoy an intimate, personalized atmosphere with attention to details that enrich the travel experience.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience during a small group circuit in Madagascar, please follow these safety tips:

  1. Always stay with the group and follow the guide’s instructions.
  2. Keep valuables secure and stay vigilant in public places.
  3. Respect local regulations and health safety advice.
  4. Be prepared for climate variations and rugged terrains.
  5. Inform your guide of any relevant medical conditions.

Absolutely, Madagascar Tours Guide offers customizable tours for small groups. Travelers can tailor the itinerary to their interests, whether for wildlife observation, cultural activities, or specific adventures. This customization creates a journey that perfectly meets the group’s expectations and preferences.

This table details the advantages of a small group circuit compared to a large group circuit in Madagascar:
AspectSmall GroupLarge Group
CustomizationOffers great flexibility to tailor the itinerary to the group’s specific interests.More generic itinerary, less adaptable to individual needs.
InteractionCloser and more personal interaction with the guide, leading to enriching experiences and in-depth learning.More limited interaction with the guide, often focusing on general information.
Cultural ExperienceAllows for deeper immersion in local culture, facilitating authentic exchanges with the locals.Cultural immersion is often less deep, with more superficial interactions.
FlexibilityMore flexibility to modify the itinerary on the go, adapting to conditions or group preferences.The itinerary is generally fixed and less subject to change based on group preferences.
Group DynamicsIntimate and friendly atmosphere, fostering stronger bonds among group members.The ambiance can be less personal and more formal due to the higher number of participants.
Access to SitesEasier access to less frequented sites, offering a unique and tranquil experience.Limited access to more popular and frequented sites, possibly leading to more standardized experiences.
Waiting TimeLess time wasted waiting, whether during meals, visits, or travel.Waiting times can be longer due to managing a larger number of people.
Environmental ImpactPotentially lower environmental impact thanks to a smaller group and easier resource management.Potentially higher environmental impact due to the larger group size and resource consumption.
Cost per PersonPossibility of slightly higher costs per person for more personalized services and individual attention.Generally lower cost per person, but with more standardized services and attention.
Unique ExperiencesOpportunities for unique experiences tailored to the interests and specific dynamics of the small group.Experiences tend to be more standardized and less tailored to individual interests.

Madagascar Tours Guide’s small group circuits allow for deeper immersion in the local culture and nature. Smaller groups facilitate more authentic interactions with local communities and a better approach to wildlife. Moreover, they offer the flexibility to explore off-the-beaten-path sites, thus enabling a more personal and enriching discovery of Madagascar.