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Madagascar is a land of wonders, where you can discover diverse landscapes, unique wildlife, and rich culture. Whether you are looking for adventure, nature, history, or relaxation, Madagascar Tours Guide has the perfect theme tour for you. Explore Madagascar in depth with our expert guides, who will show you the best of this amazing island.

From the rainforest to the desert, from the mountains to the coast, from the lemurs to the baobabs, you will experience Madagascar like never before. Join us for an unforgettable journey and see why Madagascar is truly a world apart.


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The World of Theme Tours

Theme tours in Madagascar is a unique way to experience the rich diversity of this island nation. Whether you are interested in wildlife, culture, adventure, or relaxation, there is a theme tour for you. Madagascar Tours Guide offers a range of theme tours that will take you to the most fascinating and beautiful places in Madagascar, while providing you with expert guidance and personalized service.

Theme tours in Madagascar : Culinary Journey

A culinary theme tour is a great way to explore Madagascar in a unique and delicious way. You will get to taste the diverse and rich flavors of this island nation, from spicy curries to sweet desserts. Here are some of the dishes you can expect to enjoy on your culinary journey:

  • Romazava: This is the national dish of Madagascar, a hearty stew made with beef, pork, or chicken, and flavored with ginger, garlic, onion, and tomato. The stew also contains anamalao, a type of leafy green that gives the dish a distinctive taste and color.
  • Ravitoto: This is a dish of shredded cassava leaves cooked with coconut milk and meat, usually pork. It is often served with rice or manioc, a starchy root vegetable that is a staple in Madagascar.
  • Koba: This is a sweet treat made from bananas, peanuts, and rice flour. The ingredients are blended together and wrapped in banana leaves, then cooked over charcoal for several hours. The result is a dense and moist cake that can be sliced and eaten as a snack or dessert.
  • Voanjobory sy hena-kisoa: This is a dish of bambara groundnuts and pork cooked in a tomato sauce. Bambara groundnuts are legumes that grow underground and have a nutty flavor. They are rich in protein and fiber and are often used as a meat substitute by vegetarians.

These are just some of the dishes you can sample on your culinary theme journey to Madagascar. You will also get to learn about the history and culture of this fascinating country, as well as see its amazing wildlife and natural beauty. A culinary theme trip to Madagascar is a great way to experience the world of theme travel.

Theme tours in Madagascar : Naturalist tour

Are you searching for a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable journey in a place that is home to one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth? Do you want to explore the rich flora and fauna of Madagascar, the world’s fourth-largest island? If so, you might be interested in our Madagascar Theme tours, which are designed to suit different interests and preferences of nature lovers.

Here are some of the theme tours in Madagascar we offer:

Lemur Lovers10 daysVisit several national parks and reserves where you can observe different species of lemurs, from the tiny mouse lemur to the indri, the largest living lemur.
Birding Bonanza12 daysExplore various habitats, such as rainforest, dry forest, wetland, and spiny forest, where you can spot endemic and rare birds, such as the Madagascar fish eagle, the helmet vanga, and the long-tailed ground roller.
Reptile and Amphibian Rendezvous8 daysDiscover the incredible diversity of reptiles and amphibians in Madagascar, including colorful chameleons, leaf-tailed geckos, tomato frogs, mantella frogs, and many more.
Plant Paradise9 daysLearn about the fascinating plants of Madagascar, such as baobabs, orchids, palms, succulents, and medicinal plants. You will also visit botanical gardens and nurseries where you can see conservation efforts in action.

Theme tours in Madagascar : Cultural Travel

If you are interested in exploring the rich and diverse culture of Madagascar, you might want to consider a theme tour that focuses on the local traditions, history, and art of the island. Some of the benefits of choosing a cultural travel package are:

  1. You can visit historical sites, such as the royal palace of Ambohimanga, the pirate cemetery of Sainte-Marie, and the ancient city of Mahajanga.
  2. You can learn about the Malagasy customs and beliefs, such as the famadihana (turning of the bones) ceremony, the respect for ancestors, and the zebu (cattle) worship.
  3. You can enjoy the artistic expressions of the Malagasy people, such as the wood carving, the lamba (traditional cloth) weaving, and the hira gasy (musical theater).
  4. You can taste the delicious and varied cuisine of Madagascar, which is influenced by African, Asian, and European flavors. Some of the dishes you can try are romazava (meat and vegetable stew), ravitoto (pork and cassava leaves), and koba (banana and peanut cake).

A cultural travel package is a great way to immerse yourself in the unique and fascinating world of Madagascar. You will not only see the beauty of the island, but also feel the warmth and hospitality of its people. You will discover a culture that is rich in history, diversity, and creativity.

Theme tours in Madagascar : Adventure tour

If you are looking for an exhilarating and indelible experience, you might want to consider adventure travel to Madagascar. This island nation in the Indian Ocean offers a variety of activities that will challenge your body and mind, as well as immerse you in its rich and diverse natural beauty.

One of the most popular adventure travel options in Madagascar is trekking. You can explore the rugged terrain of the central highlands, the rainforests of the east coast, or the dry spiny forests of the south. Along the way, you will encounter some of the unique wildlife that Madagascar is famous for, such as lemurs, chameleons, and baobabs.

Another way to enjoy adventure travel in Madagascar is to go kayaking or rafting on its rivers and lakes. You can paddle through scenic landscapes, navigate rapids, and camp on the banks. You can also combine kayaking or rafting with other activities, such as hiking, biking, or wildlife watching.

Adventure travel to Madagascar is not for the faint of heart, but it is definitely rewarding and memorable. You will need to have a good level of fitness, a sense of adventure, and a respect for the environment and the local culture. If you are ready to take on this challenge, you will discover a world of theme tour that will leave you breathless.

Theme tours in Madagascar : Wellness journey

If you’re seeking a way to replenish your physical and mental energy, wellness travel might be the perfect option for you. Wellness travel is a type of theme travel that focuses on improving your physical and mental health through various activities, such as yoga, meditation, spa treatments, and healthy eating. Wellness travel can help you reduce stress, boost your immune system, and enhance your well-being.

One of the best destinations for wellness travel is Madagascar, an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar is known for its rich biodiversity, stunning landscapes, and friendly people. You can explore the diverse flora and fauna of the rainforest, relax on the pristine beaches, or visit the sacred sites of the local culture. You can also enjoy the benefits of traditional Malagasy medicine, which uses natural herbs and plants to heal various ailments.

Madagascar offers a variety of wellness travel packages that suit your needs and preferences. You can choose from luxury resorts, eco-lodges, or homestays. You can also customize your itinerary to include activities that interest you, such as hiking, kayaking, or wildlife watching. Whatever you choose, you will be sure to have a memorable and rejuvenating experience in Madagascar.

Madagascar Tours Guide: your trip, your theme

Our expertise at Madagascar Tours Guide allows us to customize your trip to Madagascar with a theme. This is how we can aid:

Custom Itineraries

Madagascar Circuits Tours offers a variety of themed tours in Madagascar, but we also understand that every traveler has their own preferences and needs. That’s why we can create custom itineraries for you, based on your interests, budget, and time frame. Whether you want to explore the wildlife, culture, history, or adventure of this unique island, we can design a tour that suits you. Here are some examples of custom itineraries we can offer:

  • Wildlife Lovers: Spend 10 days visiting the best national parks and reserves in Madagascar, where you can see lemurs, chameleons, birds, and more. Enjoy guided walks, boat trips, and night safaris with expert naturalists.
  • Culture and History: Discover the rich and diverse heritage of Madagascar in 8 days, from the royal palaces and tombs of Antananarivo to the sacred hills and caves of Antsirabe. Learn about the traditions, beliefs, and crafts of the Malagasy people.
  • Adventure Seekers: Experience the thrill of Madagascar in 12 days, with activities such as hiking, rafting, kayaking, ziplining, and quad biking. Explore the stunning landscapes of rainforests, mountains, canyons, and beaches.

Expert Guides

At Madagascar Tours Guide, we have a team of qualified and experienced guides who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for their country. They will help you discover the hidden gems and authentic aspects of Madagascar, as well as the main attractions and highlights.

Whether you are interested in adventure, culture, nature, or relaxation, we have a guide who can match your theme and style. You can choose from our wide range of thematic tours, such as culinary, historical, wildlife, or wellness. Or you can create your own custom tour with the help of our guides. They will listen to your needs and expectations, and design a perfect itinerary for you.

Local Encounters

Madagascar is a diverse and fascinating country, where you will meet friendly and welcoming people from different cultures and backgrounds. Whether you want to learn about the Malagasy traditions, experience the rural life, or interact with the local artisans, there is a tour for you.

Some of the options for local encounters are:

  • Visiting the Antsirabe market and the workshops of pousse-pousse makers, zebu horn carvers, and gem cutters.
  • Staying in a community-run ecolodge in Andasibe and participating in reforestation activities, cultural events, and village walks.
  • Exploring the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park with local guides and porters, who will share their knowledge of the unique rock formations and wildlife.
  • Joining a cooking class in Antananarivo and learning how to prepare typical Malagasy dishes with fresh ingredients from the market.
  • Volunteering in a social project that supports education, health, or environmental conservation in Madagascar.

Book Your Theme tours in Madagascar

A theme tours in Madagascar is a great way to have a unique and unforgettable travel experience. Whether you are interested in wildlife, culture, adventure, or relaxation, you can find a tour that suits your preferences and budget. Madagascar Tours Guide is your best partner to help you plan and book your theme trip. We have a team of experts who know the island inside out and can offer you personalized advice and recommendations.