Trips on the rivers of Madagascar : An unforgettable experience

Madagascar, an island located in the Indian Ocean, is full of rivers and beautiful landscapes. Trips on the rivers of Madagascar are an excellent opportunity to discover the beauty of the island’s interior while exploring the different natural environments. Boat tours on Madagascar’s rivers allow travelers to see the island’s hidden landscapes in a unique way.

  • The Tsiribihina river tour
  • The Manambolo river tour
  • The Mangoky river tour
  • The Rianila river tour
  • The Betsiboka river tour
  • Up the Sofia River

Trips on the rivers of Madagascar : The Tsiribihina river tour

The Tsiribihina river trip is a boat Trips on the rivers of Madagascar that reveals the most breathtaking views of the island. The gorges, waterfalls and rapids of the river can be explored, while the local villages and the exceptional flora and fauna of the region can be discovered. An opportunity for visitors to see crocodiles sunbathing on the banks, bats on the cliffs, turtles on the sandy shores as well as many other species of birds such as humpback ducks, herons…

This Tsiribihina river tour is an unforgettable adventure that reveals the hidden wonders of Madagascar that are impossible to encounter in the tours on dry land. The trip can also be done by traditional pirogue for a duration of 2 to 4 days including nights in bivouac animated by the piroguers. The latter, with their knowledge of the local gastronomy, prepare the dinner composed of essentially fresh water fish, crabs… freshly caught.

Madagascar River Trips : The Manambolo river tour

The Manambolo or the Malagasy Meander, is a river located in the north-west of Madagascar which presents an impressive landscape while furrowing in cascades the slopes of Bongolava until the plain of Menabe.

The Manambolo river tour is a circuit in dugout or in boat to the liking of the current of the river which crosses breathtaking natural landscapes alternating hills, rocks shaped by the erosion, caves, virgin forests and the enchanting landscape of the gorges of Manambolo. From Ankavandra to the Tsingy de Bemaraha, the circuit is done in a few stages with the possibility of a few nights in bivouac with the song and dance of the pirogues. An opportunity for the visitors to taste the local gastronomy prepared on the spot with fresh products of which fishes and other fishing products.

Trips on the rivers of Madagascar : The Mangoky river tour

The Mangoky is a river in the south-west of Madagascar bordered by a sumptuous landscape still in its wild state. The Mangoky river tour consists in making a hike along one of the longest rivers of Madagascar by traditional dugout from Beroroha to Ambiky-Bevoay.


With the time of discoveries, the circuit can last 4 to 5 days. Besides the natural landscapes still intact like those of the gorges, the waterfalls, the rapids of the river, the enormous baobabs…, the fauna richness promises an unseen spectacle. The travelers will discover crocodiles on the banks as well as various species of lemurs in the vegetation of the cliffs. At the end of this long circuit in dugout, a moment of relaxation in the thermal spring of Thiharipioke is necessary.

Madagascar River Trips : The Rianila river tour

After having crossed the national road n° 2, heading to Brickaville, the starting point of the Rianala river tour. The Rianila river tour is a navigation on the river of the eastern side of Madagascar through virgin forests, spectacular gorges, rapids and central highlands before reaching the Indian Ocean south of Andevoranto. During this hike, the discovery of the charming falafa village on stilts of Sahatokoly, where a local rum “Betsa betsa” is made. Apart from a lush landscape, the Rianila river tour is marked by the abundance of local fruits such as lychees, banana, peach …


Visitors will have the opportunity to prepare menus based on fresh local products such as camarons. The descent then follows on the canal of Pangalanes with an excursion on the lake Rasoabe until the sandy beach of Manambato.

Madagascar River Trips : The Betsiboka river tour

Long of its 35 km, the Betsiboka river tour is another Trips on the rivers of Madagascar abounding in discoveries. Among them, the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and forests. Travelers can explore the unique landscape of lavaka, a ruinous relief and the gorges, waterfalls and villages along the river.

Boat trips on the Betsiboka are also the best way to discover the richness of the fauna and flora of the region including species of baobabs, hardwoods, herbaceous plants, euphorbiaceous as well as medicinal plants. The fauna is dominated by a wide variety of birds such as the Madagascar Pygargue, Newton’s Falcon, Madagascar Bulbul… as well as about a hundred species of endemic birds Other reptiles like chameleons, tenrecs, iguanas and snakes live in this ecosystem. In addition, there are a few diurnal and nocturnal lemurs including the Sifaka and the smallest lemurs endemic to Madagascar.

Up the Sofia River

The Sofia River is another river not to be missed during your trips on the rivers of Madagascar. This boat trip gives you the opportunity to discover the wild landscapes composed of a great variety of forests: mangrove forests, dry deciduous forests, coastal limestone forests, mangrove forests and forests of large trees such as baobabs. During this ascent of the Sofia River, the discovery of different species of fauna is at the rendezvous: species of lemurs, endemic mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, as well as species of marine animals … Throughout this ascent of the Sofia River, visitors will appreciate the passage on the originality of the traditional villages along the river.

The trips on the rivers of Madagascar are a unique experience, offering an opportunity to discover the fauna, flora and cultures of the island. Madagascar Tours Guide offers a variety of boat tours on the rivers of Madagascar, which you can customize according to your interests and time. Whether you are looking for a cruise on the rivers of Madagascar, a hike on the rivers of Madagascar or a simple navigation on the rivers of Madagascar, our travel agency guarantees you an unforgettable experience. Do not hesitate to contact us to plan your trip on the rivers of Madagascar with Madagascar Tours Guide.