Enchanting Ampefy: A two days adventure in the magical landscapes of Itasy

Two days in Ampefy

Embark on an extraordinary two days getaway in Ampefy, where nature and biodiversity intertwine for an unforgettable escape. This region is a true embodiment of Madagascar’s rich biodiversity, teeming with diverse wildlife and captivating geological formations. Ampefy offers an adventure that seamlessly blends thrilling experiences with moments of tranquility amidst a pristine natural haven.

Day 1:

  • Morning: Your journey begins with a captivating visit to Lemur’s park, where you’ll have the remarkable opportunity to encounter Madagascar’s iconic lemurs up close.
  • Afternoon: Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of Amparaky geyser, where spouting hot springs create a soothing atmosphere, offering a refreshing interlude amidst nature’s embrace.

Day 2:

  • Morning: Begin your day with an awe-inspiring exploration of the majestic Lily falls, cascading amidst lush greenery.
  • Afternoon: Venture onto the tranquil islet of the Virgin, a peaceful islet nestled amidst lake Itasy, where serenity and picturesque landscapes await.
  • Evening: As the day draws to a close, embark on your return journey to Antananarivo, the capital, carrying with you unforgettable memories and a newfound appreciation for Madagascar’s natural splendor.
Visit the Amparaky geyser during the two days excursion in Ampefy

Tour highlights: Two days in Ampefy

  • Lemur encounter at Lemur’s park: Experience an unparalleled closeness with these primates at lemur’s park, allowing visitors to observe these emblematic creatures of Madagascar in their natural, unspoiled habitat.
  • Amparaky geyser: Unwind and be captivated by the afternoon at Amparaky geyser. The spouting hot springs create a tranquil atmosphere, offering a refreshing respite amidst nature’s embrace.
  • Explore the Lily falls: Witness the grandeur of the Lily falls, where cascading waters unveil a majestic spectacle surrounded by lush vegetation.
  • Serene escape at islet of the Virgin: Embark on a peaceful escapade to the Islet of the Virgin, a tranquil islet on Lake Itasy, where serenity and picturesque landscapes reign supreme.
Explore the Lily Falls on the two days excursion in Ampefy


Morning Departure: Depart from Tana at the designated meeting point for an unforgettable two days excursion in Ampefy.

Day 1:

  • Lemur’s park: Embark on a visit to a private park 22 km from the capital, where you’ll explore the captivating lemur’s park, offering an unparalleled opportunity to encounter lemurs and other exotic species in their natural habitat.
  • Amparaky geyser: Continue your journey to Analavory, where you’ll immerse yourself in the serenity of Amparaky geyser , where spouting hot springs create a soothing atmosphere.
  • Overnight stay: After a day filled with discoveries, spend the night in the region.

Day 2:

  • Lily falls: Begin the morning with a majestic visit to the Lily falls, surrounded by lush rainforests.
  • Islet of the Virgin: Embark on a tranquil escape to the Isle of the Virgin, nestled amidst lake Itasy.
  • Lunch and return: Savor a delectable lunch featuring local products before commencing your return journey to Antananarivo in the afternoon, carrying with you memories of unspoiled nature, thrilling adventures, and unique encounters with Madagascar’s wildlife.