Visit Madagascar in 10 days ? Yes it is possible with Madagascar Tours Guide

Madagascar Tours Guide currently has many tour offers that allow you to discover the touristic potential of the Big Island in addition to the possibility of organizing personalized tours according to the travelers’ wishes. If you like adventure in paradisiacal corners and idyllic places, you will find your account with Madagascar Tours Guide thanks to our 15-day solo Madagascar tours or accompanied Madagascar tours in small groups. We are willing to study all new proposals, but for now, we invite you to visit Madagascar in 10 days through the following tours:

  • East coast tour,
  • Manambolo river tour,
  • Pangalanes Canal tour,
  • Fort-Dauphin tour,
  • Cruise in Vezo canoe,

Visit Madagascar in 10 days through the East Coast Tour

For a limited time, it is possible to visit Madagascar in 10 days to discover the beauty of its East Coast.


Travel through the magnificent landscape of tropical rainforest in the east dominated by the traveler’s trees along the National Road 2. You will visit the Andasibe National Park and its endemic fauna such as the big lemur Indri-indri, the smallest chameleon called Brookesia… You will then join the Pangalanes Canal including the unavoidable Akanin’ny Nofy, known for its orchids, its pachypodiums as well as its exceptional fauna.

After the Pangalanes Canal, heading to Tamatave and Sainte-Marie where you will enjoy the beauty of this paradise island. A true haven of peace, ideal for activities at sea. If your passage falls between July and September, you will have the opportunity to attend the unusual show during the whale safari near this island.

Visit Madagascar in 10 days by opting for the Manambolo river tour

The Manambolo river tour is suitable for travelers wishing to live an adventure following a feasible itinerary in 10 days in Madagascar.

After a small tour of the capital, your guide will make you visit Ampefy located at a hundred kilometers from the capital. Ampefy is known for its famous lake full of fish, its famous Lily waterfall, the Islet of the Virgin and the Geysers on the Analavory side. Leaving Ampefy, you will go to Belobaka after a passage on the city Tsiroanomandidy before arriving to Ankavandra. It is there that will begin the Manambolo river tour in traditional dugout. You will live an exceptional atmosphere of relaxation while going along a landscape of cliff in which are implanted small geysers. The warm meeting with the inhabitants and the other travelers who borrow the river with their canoes will only animate the descent. But, what distinguishes the Manambolo river tour is the visit of the Tsingy de Bemaraha, a Jurassic type landscape made of huge limestone massifs. Your guide will make you visit the exceptional biodiversity of the Tsingy, its endemic fauna and flora.

Visit Madagascar in 10 days through the Pangalanes Canal Tour

The Pangalanes Canal Tour is an ideal option for travelers who want to visit Madagascar in 10 days or who have less than two weeks to venture into the Pangalanes.

This 10-days Madagascar tour will start in Mananjary, a city on the east coast served by the Pangalanes Canal and then head north. Mananjary, home of the Antambahoaka ethnic group, is known for the production of export products such as spices, coffee and vanilla. It is also the official seat of the traditional collective circumcision ceremony called “Sambatra”. Heading north, still via the Pangalanes Canal, you will arrive in the village of Ambohitsara and its famous stone elephant statue. After Ambohitsara, head for Nosy Varika which means the island of lemurs. Located in a landlocked area, Nosy Varika is only accessible by boat, the existing tracks are mostly impassable. Your guide will take you to see the highest waterfall of Madagascar at Sakeleona before going to Masomeloka, a village known for its tranquility. We stop here on a long trip to Mahanoro or on the way back to Mananjary. During the cruise, the landscape is made up of luxuriant vegetation with a majority of raffia palms, bamboos… From Masomeloka, your next destination will be Mahanoro, a name that illustrates the presence of a curative spring on an exceptional place to walk. Once in Mahanoro, don’t miss the visit of the Tsiadana waterfall, Ambetoafo and Maibola.

Visit Madagascar in 10 days and choose the Fort-Dauphin Circuit

It is enough to have between 8 and 10 to be able to explore the south of Madagascar through the Fort-Dauphin tour and its surroundings.


All along this 10 days tour in Madagascar, a generous nature, a tropical climate, a luxuriant vegetation, exceptional fauna, beautiful beaches… are there. Your guide will make you visit the old warehouse of weapons of the Portuguese shipwrecked in 1505, the Peak St Louis and its 529 m of height which allows a panoramic view on the bay of Evatraha and a big part of the city. You will then go to the beautiful beach of Lokaro before going to Ste Luce, where the French landed at the beginning of the colonization of Madagascar. After an excursion to the fishermen’s village of Evatraha, head for the Nahampoana reserve, a real tropical park which shelters nocturnal lemurs, birds, turtles and reptiles such as crocodiles within the luxuriant vegetation. The beach of Libanona is one of the most famous in Fort-Dauphin thanks to its white sands and the spectacle of the surfers. Don’t miss the exceptional view of the sunset at Libanona.

To finish your 10-day Fort-Dauphin tour, a visit to Lake Vinanibe is a must. This lake is particularly known for the limpidity of its waters and the pearly color of its sands. It is also the ideal place for the lovers of the sport of gliding.

Visit Madagascar in 10 days in the Cruise in Vezo canoe

You only have a little time but you want to visit Madagascar in 10 days? It’s possible thanks to the Cruise in Vezo canoe. Discover with your tour guide from Madagascar Tours Guide, the beauty of the Vezo country, an ethnic group of fishermen from the south-west of Madagascar which extends from Ifaty to Morombe.


At first, you will be taken to Ifaty with its magnificent beach, its lagoons protected by a long coral reef, its turquoise waters and its very rich sea bed. You will then take a ride in a traditional Vezo canoe to visit their village. Learn about their way of life and culture. Your discovery continues on the village of Madiorano, Ankasy and Tsiandamba where you can enjoy the idyllic beaches and the beauty of the sea.

After Tsiandamba, you will arrive at Salary, known for its white sandy coastline, the possibility of diving and snorkeling. You will then continue towards the north in the direction of Morondava to pass to Andravony and its white dunes.


After a long ride in a Vezo canoe, you will arrive in the forest of the Mikéa, the last hunter-gatherer people of southwestern Madagascar before reaching Ambatomilo, another fishing village located near the 3rd largest lagoon in the world. After a passage on the Bay of Assassins and Andavadaoka, you will return to the land to cross the baobab forest. Your 10 days in Cruise Vezo canoe continues then by making a tour on the islets around Morombe like Timpoy, Nosy Be, Nosindolo, Nosy Andramona. On the road from Morombe to Toliara, you will pass by the largest baobab of Madagascar at Andombiry whose circumference can reach 30 meters. You will then go to the village of Bevoay where your 10 days in Cruise Vezo canoe will end.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 10-Day Madagascar Tour

Madagascar Tours Guide has carefully compiled here the most frequently asked questions by travelers regarding the 10-day tour in Madagascar.

In ten days, Madagascar Tours Guide recommends visiting iconic sites for a complete experience:

  • Antananarivo: An ideal starting point with its rich cultural heritage.
  • Tsingy de Bemaraha: A must-see for its unique geological spectacle.
  • Avenue of the Baobabs: A visit offering an unforgettable natural spectacle.
  • Andasibe National Park: Ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, especially for observing lemurs.
  • Nosy Be beaches: Perfect for concluding the tour with a stay on these idyllic beaches.

To optimize a 10-day itinerary, Madagascar Tours Guide advises selecting regions offering a diversity of experiences. Combine cultural visits in cities like Antananarivo with the exploration of Madagascar’s nature, such as tropical forests and wildlife reserves. Limit long trips to fully enjoy each location. Prioritize efficient means of transport like internal flights for longer distances.

The budget for a 10-day tour in Madagascar varies depending on the type of accommodation, means of transportation, and chosen activities. Madagascar Tours Guide offers a variety of options ranging from budget stays to luxury experiences. On average, plan between 1000 and 3000 euros per person including accommodation, meals, internal transportation, and activities.

It is entirely possible to combine a visit to the highlands and the Malagasy coasts in 10 days. Madagascar Tours Guide often organizes itineraries including highland cities like Antsirabe and then descending to the coasts for relaxing moments on the beaches of Ifaty or Tuléar. This requires careful planning to maximize discovery time and minimize travel time.

A 10-day tour of Madagascar can include various cultural and natural activities. Visit local markets and artisan workshops for cultural immersion. National parks like Ranomafana and Isalo offer hikes in breathtaking landscapes. Activities such as diving in Nosy Be and whale watching in Sainte-Marie enrich the experience. Madagascar Tours Guide ensures a balance of nature and culture for a complete stay.

There are several ways to move around efficiently during your ten-day trip. First, internal flights are a quick option to connect major cities and reduce travel time. For shorter distances, renting cars with a driver-guide from Madagascar Tours Guide allows greater flexibility and comfort. The typical Malagasy bush taxis offer an authentic local experience for intercity journeys.

The best time for a ten-day stay in Madagascar varies depending on the regions and planned activities. Generally, the dry period from May to October is ideal for most tourist activities, offering a pleasant climate with less rain. Madagascar Tours Guide recommends checking the specific weather conditions of the regions you wish to visit to choose the optimal time for your trip.

For a ten-day trip to Madagascar, here are some tips and recommendations:
Health PrecautionsDescriptionAdditional Recommendations
VaccinationsHepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow feverConsult a doctor 4-6 weeks before departure
Protection against mosquitoesUse of repellents, mosquito nets, covering clothesTake preventive medication against malaria
Drinking waterDrink exclusively bottled waterAvoid ice cubes in drinks
FoodAvoid raw or undercooked foodsPrefer hot and well-cooked foods
Personal hygieneRegularly wash handsUse hand sanitizer
Sun and heatUse of sunscreen, hat, sunglassesDrink water frequently to stay hydrated
Health insuranceGet travel insurance covering medical careInclude emergency evacuation if necessary

Absolutely, Madagascar Tours Guide designs 10-day itineraries allowing you to combine adventure and relaxation. You can start with adventure activities like hiking in national parks or exploring natural reserves, then finish with a few days of relaxation on the paradisiacal beaches of Madagascar like Nosy Be or Ifaty for a rejuvenating end to your stay.

For a first ten-day trip to Madagascar, Madagascar Tours Guide recommends carefully preparing your itinerary to include various experiences. Familiarize yourself with local customs and learn a few words of Malagasy to interact with the inhabitants. Plan clothes suitable for the varied climate and comfortable walking shoes. Finally, be open and flexible, as Madagascar is a country with developing infrastructure, which can sometimes lead to unexpected changes in travel plans.