Madagascar 15 days tours

In addition to a wide possibility of elaboration of a personalized tour according to the travelers’ requests, Madagascar Tours Guide also proposes other types of tours such as the Madagascar 15 days tours. Our guide will make you discover Madagascar, the island of dreams through 5 circuits carefully selected to meet your expectations in terms of discovery and change of scenery:

  • The Baobab Coast tour,
  • North of Madagascar tour,
  • Deep South tour,
  • Tour of the Makay Massifs

Visit Madagascar in 15 days with the Baobab Coast tour

This Baobab Coast tour, designed to be completed in 15 days, is perfect for travelers wishing to explore the tourist potential of the Big Island by choosing an itinerary that can be done in Madagascar in 2 weeks.


From Antananarivo, the capital, you will reach the city of Antsirabe and Miandrivazo for a short stopover before the Tsiribihina river tour in traditional dugout. During the descent, you will cross impressive cliffs landscapes surrounded by luxuriant flora and exceptional fauna such as lemurs, chameleons, bats… You will then join the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park of  by 4×4. The Tsingy being a Jurassic type landscape composed of huge limestone blocks and which shelters a biodiversity both rich and endemic, spinescent and dwarf vegetation as well as species of lemurs propithecus and fulvus, rare birds. After the Tsingy, head for Morondava, the country of the Baobab. Experience the most beautiful moment during the sunset on the baobab avenue.


After a night in Belo sur Mer, head for Manja where you will spend the night in a lodge before going to Andavadaoka the next day.


From Andavadaoka, you will leave for Salary, a Vezo fishermen village (fishermen ethnic group from the southwest of Madagascar) where you will enjoy the landscape, the sea and the paradisiacal beaches. Other activities such as sea outing, whale safari are organized. Take advantage of your stay in Madagascar for 15 days to visit the Mikéa people, the last hunter-gatherer people of Madagascar.


Continuing south, you will arrive in Toliara, the most important city in the south of Madagascar. There you will take the flight to the capital in Antananarivo towards the end of your 15 days tour in Madagascar on the Baobab Coast.

Madagascar 15 days tours in the North

North of Madagascar tour is suitable for the solo traveler or small group wishing to visit Madagascar in 15 days in particular to see the main tourist attractions of northern Madagascar.

Leaving the capital in Antananarivo, head for the Ankarafantsika National Park, the paradise of endemic fauna and flora. You will meet species of lemurs including the microcèbe (the smallest lemur in the world), chameleons and many species of birds. Continuing north, you will arrive in the fishing village of Ramena and then Nosy Lonjo (Sugar Loaf), the symbol of the city of Diego Suarez. Enjoy a day of relaxation and idleness in the paradisiacal beaches of the Emerald Sea. You will leave for an excursion in dugout and taste the lunch based on fresh fish prepared by the dugout workers before visiting the red Tsingy, the canyon and the sacred lake populated with crocodiles of Anivorano.

From there, you will go to the Amber Mountain, a real tropical garden covered with rainforest where there are streams and waterfalls called sacred. This site is home to several dozen species of day and night lemurs, more than 70 species of birds, reptiles such as the Brookesia nana (the smallest chameleon in the world). You will spend the night in Diego Suarez after a visit to the town of Joffreville, a relic of the colonial era in the region.

Madagascar 15 days tours in the deep South of Madagascar

Thanks to its rich biodiversity, its numerous possibilities of relaxation and adventure, its reserves and national parks still preserved in their wild states, the Madagascar 15 days tours in the south allows the visitors to discover the smallest tourist corners still under exploited in the south.

At the beginning of this Deep South tour, you will be transferred to Ivato airport for a domestic flight to Toliara, the largest city in southern Madagascar. Upon arrival in Toliara, the capital of the Vezo, a small tour, a visit to the craft market to see the famous mohair carpet is required. The Vezo is an ethnic group of fishermen from the south and southwest of Madagascar. Your visit continues then towards Anakao where a Vezo village is installed at the mouth of the river Onilahy. Anakao is known for its paradisiacal beaches and the turquoise blue sea.

From Anakao, your guide will take you on an excursion on Nosy Ve aboard a traditional Vezo canoe. Other activities such as diving, snorkeling, relaxing or lazing on the fine sands of these islands can be practiced.

Don’t miss this passage to Lavanono where you will discover tombs decorated with funerary sculptures, the Aloalo (funerary art which consists in carving wood in memory of the life, the passion or the unfulfilled dreams of the deceased). The tombs of the Mahafaly ethnic group are covered with zebu horns to show the wealth of the deceased during his lifetime. Before arriving at Fort-Dauphin, you will leave from Lavanono towards the Anosy region passing by Ambovombe and Berenty.

When you arrive in Fort-Dauphin, you will visit the market of Tanambao and the Fort Flacourt. In the evening, enjoy the spectacle of nature during the sunset at the beach of Libanona.

Madagascar 15 days tours in the Makay massifs

This Makay Massifs tour is suitable for travelers wishing to visit Madagascar in 2 weeks and realize an unprecedented adventure in the highlands and the south of Madagascar. For other formulas such as the accompanied Madagascar tours in small groups, the compatible itineraries in Madagascar in 15 days can be studied according to the expectations of the group of travelers, their availability and their means.

From the capital, you will go for a tour on the touristic sites of Antsirabe: lake Tritriva, lake Andraikiba… before going to Ambositra through Ranomafana. Your guide will make you visit the Zafimaniry village, a people with exceptional know-how in woodworking. Passing by Ambalavao, you will visit the workshop of artisanal manufacture of antemoro paper. Continuing towards the south, the landscape is constituted of succession of valley, village, forest, some national parks as the one of Isalo and its landscapes of canyon. Arrived at the Massifs of Makay, a labyrinth of deep canyon alternated with humid forest. Visits of caves, canyons and panoramic places will be at the appointment. You will then return to Ranohira before joining the capital at the end of the Madagascar 15 days tours in the Makay Massifs.

Depending on the availability of the traveler, Madagascar tours in 10 days can be organized in one of the circuits proposed by Madagascar Tours Guide.

FAQ on the 15-Day Madagascar Tour

Madagascar Tours Guide has carefully compiled here the most common questions from travelers about the 15-day circuit in Madagascar, highlighting their main concerns and curiosities.

A 15-day trip to Madagascar involves various costs. These vary according to choices of itinerary, accommodation, dining, activities, and transportation. Expenses fluctuate depending on the standard of services chosen, ranging from economical to luxury. Please plan a flexible budget to cover all aspects of the stay or get assistance from Madagascar Tours Guide to avoid any surprises.

A 15-day stay in Madagascar is a unique opportunity to discover the cultural and natural diversity of the island. Madagascar Tours Guide offers carefully developed itineraries allowing you to visit stunning natural sites, national parks full of biodiversity, idyllic beaches, and unique local communities. 15 days is ideal to immerse yourself in the Malagasy atmosphere and live memorable experiences.

Here is an example of a 15-day itinerary in Madagascar presented by Madagascar Tours Guide, offering a balance between adventure, culture, relaxation, and discovery, encapsulating the magnificent diversity of Madagascar.

  • Day 1: Departure from Antananarivo: Discovery of the Malagasy capital, its lively streets, and architectural heritage.
  • Day 2: Antsirabe and Miandrivazo: Stop in these cities to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and discover the landscapes.
  • Day 3 – 4: Descent on the Tsiribihina River: Canoe adventure through captivating river landscapes and wildlife observation.
  • Day 5 – 6: Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park: Exploration of exceptional geological formations and encounter with endemic species.
  • Day 7: Morondava: Admiration of the sunset over the Avenue of the Baobabs, an unforgettable natural spectacle.
  • Day 8 – 9: Belo sur Mer and Manja: Stay in traditional guesthouses and immersion in local culture.
  • Day 10 – 11: Andavadoaka and Salary: Relaxation on dream beaches and discovery of the lifestyle of Vezo fishermen.
  • Day 12: Visit of the Mikéa people: Encounter with this traditional hunter-gatherer community.
  • Day 13: Tuléar: Exploration of the city, its colorful markets, and rich crafts.
  • Day 14 – 15: Return to Antananarivo: Last discoveries in the capital and preparation for the return journey.

Here are four circuits recommended by Madagascar Tours Guide to discover Madagascar in 15 days:

  • Northern Madagascar Circuit: Explore Nosy Be and its surrounding islands, visit the Montagne d’Ambre and Ankarana National Park, relax on the beaches of Diego Suarez.
  • Southern Madagascar Circuit: Discover the national parks of Isalo and Ranomafana, visit the historic city of Fianarantsoa, explore the south coast with its beaches and baobabs.
  • Eastern Madagascar Circuit: Adventure in Andasibe National Park, stay in Tamatave and Île Sainte Marie, visit the Masoala rainforest.
  • Western Madagascar Circuit: Explore the Tsingy de Bemaraha, visit the city of Morondava and the Avenue of the Baobabs, cruise on the Tsiribihina River.
This table provides an overview of the activities offered by Madagascar Tours Guide during the 15 days of the circuit in Madagascar:
Day(s)ActivityDescriptionPoints of Interest
Day 1Discover AntananarivoExplore lively streets and architectural heritage.Queen’s Palace, Markets, Andohalo Cathedral.
Day 2Antsirabe and MiandrivazoImmerse in the local atmosphere, explore landscapes.Thermal Springs, Crafts, Independence Avenue.
Days 3-4Descent on the Tsiribihina RiverCanoe adventure, observe wildlife, traverse captivating landscapes.Nosy Ampela Waterfalls, Begidro Village, River Fauna.
Days 5-6Tsingy de Bemaraha National ParkDiscover geological formations, encounter endemic species.Tsingy, Mangrove Forests, Manambolo Caves.
Day 7MorondavaAdmire the sunset at the Avenue of the Baobabs.Avenue of the Baobabs, Morondava Beaches, Local Market.
Days 8-9Belo sur Mer and ManjaStay in traditional lodges, immerse in local culture.Shipyards, Traditional Villages, Coastal Landscapes.
Days 10-11Andavadaoka and SalaryRelax on dreamy beaches, discover the lifestyle of Vezo fishermen.Paradisiacal Beaches, Fishing Villages, Velondriake Marine Reserve.
Day 12Visit the Mikéa peopleMeet the hunter-gatherer community.Mikéa Culture and Traditions, Dense Forest, Traditional Lifestyle.
Day 13ToliaraExplore the city, its colorful markets, and rich craftsmanship.Toliara Market, Botanical Garden, Ethnology Museum.
Days 14-15Return to AntananarivoLast discoveries in the capital, prepare for the return journey.Artisanal Market of La Digue, Andafiavaratra Palace, Independence Avenue.

For a 15-day stay in Madagascar, you will discover a variety of trekking and adventure options exclusively with Madagascar Tours Guide. Start with Andringitra National Park where climbing Pic Boby reveals breathtaking panoramas. The area is characterized by a variety of landscapes from lush forests to winding rivers. Next, the less known Makay massif invites you to an exciting exploration of canyons and caves with endemic fauna and flora.

The Isalo Massif offers hikes through impressive rock formations with natural pools for refreshment. The Tsingy de Bemaraha offers a unique adventure with suspension bridges and remarkable biodiversity. Finally, the Montagne d’Ambre attracts with its tropical forests, crater lakes, and waterfalls, constituting a haven of peace and nature.

The best period for a 15-day tour in Madagascar is generally during the dry season from May to October. During these months, the climate is milder with less rainfall, which facilitates travel and access to national parks. It is also an ideal time to observe wildlife and enjoy the landscapes. The temperature is pleasant, allowing outdoor activities without the discomfort of excessive heat or heavy rains.

The cost of a 15-day circuit in Madagascar varies depending on several factors such as the type of accommodation, chosen activities, and included services. The circuits can range from relatively affordable to luxury experiences depending on preferences and budget. Please contact Madagascar Tours Guide for the best value for money.

During a 15-day tour in Madagascar, you will find a wide range of accommodations. From luxury seaside hotels to ecological lodges, each place offers an exceptional experience. Lodges in national parks immerse visitors in nature, while city hotels offer modern comfort and easy access to attractions. Homestays promote deep cultural immersion. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, Madagascar has accommodation options for all tastes.

Here are the top 7 must-visit sites during a 15-day tour in Madagascar:

  1. Andasibe-Mantadia National Park: Explore this green haven to meet lemurs and discover rich fauna and flora.
  2. Avenue of the Baobabs in Morondava: Admire these majestic trees, symbols of Madagascar, showcasing a breathtaking landscape at sunset.
  3. Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park: Venture into this landscape of limestone formations, a playground for geology and nature enthusiasts.
  4. Île Sainte-Marie: Ideal for snorkeling and relaxation, this island consists of paradisiacal beaches and crystal-clear waters perfect for underwater exploration.
  5. Isalo National Park: Embark on hikes through landscapes of canyons and rock formations, a terrain conducive to adventure.
  6. Nosy Be: Known for its pristine beaches and marine fauna, Nosy Be is the perfect destination for those looking to relax while enjoying marine richness.
  7. Ranomafana National Park: This park is a paradise for biodiversity lovers, offering an immersive experience in a dense tropical forest populated with diverse fauna.